“Semen Retention: A New Update”

I wanted to give an update on semen retention and how I am progressing. I don’t do this often in the blogs but I found an interesting post online that I want to share. It seems to describe this practice of semen retention very well. Here it is……


“This is someone’s post I have pulled from a website called TheTaobum”:

“I recommend stopping Ejaculation full stop. It is empty and depleting.
Learn a bunch of circulation/transmutation and sublimation exercises.

And when the energy builds up which it will, get a life.

Find things to put that energy into. do shaking practices, go dancing, make love for 5 hours without ejaculating, work on your dream whatever…

You will slowly also become ‘horny tolerant’, which means you will become comfortable and even start to enjoy the high level of energy you are carrying around. It changes the nervous system over time, and will begin to naturally {even without meditation} produce the higher states of consciousness and bliss. Your mind will become clear and stable. And you wont get sick nearly as often…

The Danger here is ego inflation. people will be very attracted to you, and you tend to become more persuasive, than your flat post ejaculation self. Keep to honor and Integrity as the rule.

How does it work?
I’ll describe the Tantric angle in a simple way.
The ‘agitation’ of built up sexual energy, that most mundane men just want to relieve them selves of, or ‘get it out’ so to speak, is actually energy stimulating your nerves and chakra’s. It first stimulates the base chakra, and the sexuality of the base chakra is procreation, ie ejaculatory sex. Keeps the human race what Tantra calls Pashu’s or herd like, as nearly all men give in to this base chakra agitation as soon as they feel it, if not faster… lol. They are depleted flat beings.

If a sincere practitioner resists this for longer, the energy is filling them up slowly, the stimulation effect the second chakra, which brings emotions, a more active dream life, a greater chance of wet dreams, and produces pleasurable and sensual feelings in the pelvic cradle. One will feel very sensuously aroused here. Dont Ejaculate!

Next it reaches manipur or third chakra, fire! Here the mind becomes firm and stable, and concentration goes through the roof. Use it for your life, yes, but make sure spiritual aspirations are number one, because that is the reason to bother with any of this in the first place.

Next comes the heart. Yum. It just gets better and better from here on up. Heart opening, Love! Amazing. Having some good heart practice for here is very good, like metta meditation or any love sending/radiating practice. Master Choi kok Sui’s twin heart meditation is particularly good if i remember rightly…

Thats all I am going to say on the progression as its better to go in open and unsuspecting to the higher center’s… lol”


Well, there it is. In my case, it is difficult to get through the ‘agitation’ phase and become ‘horny tolerant’. This is easier said than done. I feel I have progressed beyond this phase and am now in the second phase. I have felt that amazing sexual ‘energy’ and have blogged about it recently. But where do I go from here? As this blogger intimates, perhaps it is better to just forge ahead without knowing in advance any of the details. Stimulating and intriguing! Onward I go. BTW, I am now in Day 5 of this SR…..


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/semen-retention-a-new-update/