New Sensations

Ever since my first session my body is full of new feelings and sensations. My bottom area (anus), both externally and internally is “tingling”. Is this the beginning of the “re-wiring” described in the Wiki?? My penis seems to have developed new nerve endings which feel so much more alive and sensitive. My whole body seems to have that extra electric charge.
When lying in bed on Sat morning, I took the opportunity to practice some anal contractions and build the muscles up. A few mins in and I felt a slight change in heart rate and “butterflies” in my stomach. There was all a small amount of leakage. Again, part of the “re-wiring” process?
A small window of opportunity presented itself on Fri morning for a quick practice with the Progasm – nothing to be expected from it other that getting used to having it inside me and to have a quick experimentation. As soon as I inserted, a felt a wave of pleasure. Getting some contractions going and there was a small leakage after about 5 mins – nothing too great but enough to feel both pleasurable and satisfied.
I then tried the Progasm standing up in the shower – pleasurable enough but I feel that this is not the position for me. It may work for some but for me there is little at the moment to be gained from it – but it was worthwhile in terms of eliminating what won’t work for me.
The opportunity for a couple of good sessions will be available for me this week. My body is already feeling the anticipation of what is to come.