“Super-O With A Bottle of Wine?”

I was up early this morning and got sufficiently aroused through some binaurals. I felt ready for a long-overdue Aneros session. I knew I wanted Helix. I lubed-up with Slippery Stuff Gel, rolled-over on my side and inserted it nice-and-slow. Ohhh! It felt SO GOOD! I quickly began to tense my PC muscles and soon began to feel the distinct auto-f**k contractions. They just wouldn’t stop amid my own anal quivers which I was also providing. OMG! At some point, it felt like I was a bottle of wine and was being fucked by a corkscrew! That is the nearing analogy I can infer. it was an insanely pleasurable feeling! I contracted fully, released and the corkscrew continued to methodically “drill” into my rectum until I am starting to suppress a real moan. I re-positioned myself several times and found myself on my back. I am breathing rhythmically and gyrating my hips in sync. OMG! The corkscrew keeps doing its thing! I turn-over on my stomach and—yes—the Super-O is continuing to build, much stronger now until I experience a full-body orgasm that had me twisting from head to toe. But, after that, I realized that that was all there was to be for this session (after about 30 minutes) so I “popped the cork” and the session was over! (not quite)…..


Following this amazing session, the wine bottle was still half-full and I felt the need for a Peridise (large) session as a nightcap. So I lubed it up with the same lube and continued the anal corkscrew f**k. Amazing! I felt close to a HFWO but knew that an ejaculation was probably not going to happen. I am in Day 6 of SR and, surprisingly, am not feeling too horny (yet) today.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/super-o-with-a-bottle-of-wine/