A Transendence to a New Level

As mentioned in my previous blog, I have just been on a camping holiday. This clearly was going to present a challenge as far as using my Progasm goes as I’m not sure how tents and Aneros mix!
However opportunities did present themselves as although in a confined space, my wife and I were in separate sleeping bags. She is a heavy sleeper so I just needed to be quiet which is quite a challenge when experiencing the kind of orgasm that the Progasm produces.
My first session took me to a whole new level. Firstly I have come to notice that my orgasms come in sections – so possibly multiple orgasms. I oragsm and then about a minute later it happens again. This happens about 3 – 4 times before I feel that the orgasm has ended. Within the session this can happen about 4 or 5 times with intervals of 15 to 20 between them. The final oragsm in this session was something completely different. I can only describe it as a transendence – I moved to a whole new level. There wasn’t the usual shaking, I felt that I was still but it was a whole wave of happiness and when it was over I had a complete feeling of satisfaction and pleasure above anything that I have experienced sexually. I also noticed that I was not in control of the Progasm – my body and the Progasm were working in tandem. I just lay there and enjoyed the ride.
My second session later in the week was similar, but in didn’t quite reach the heights of the first. I think I was just too tired in the end as I did doze off after one extremely strong orgasm.
Another thing learnt was that I really felt for the first time the P-tab working and providing an extra sensation. I’m glad I packed my Progasm but I cannot wait for my next session which will be somewhat more comfortable now I’m back home.

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