“Are Energy Orgasms Real?….You Bet!

After dosing on some binaurals for sexual energy, I decided to remove the headphones and just relax. I started to perform some light kegels just for fun. This action quickly changed into what I like to call “thought contractions”. This is really directed tantric energy towards my rectum and eventually, my prostate. Well, it didn’t take long before these thoughts became “swirls” of energy starting with my anus and SLOWLY working its way up towards my rectum. When it hit the part of the rectum that abuts my prostate, I felt an extremely pleasurable “quiver” with every “touch” of energy near my prostate just like I would during an Aneros session! This was unreal but VERY REAL! (I did not have a lot of time during this “session” but I experienced several Mini-O’s throughout.)
I have heard the term “energy orgasm” and have seen it demonstrated on some videos. But the best teacher of all is your own body! Here is a portion of a relevant article I discovered online:

“Sexual energy is available to men twenty-four hours a day, but most men starve themselves because they believe they can satisfy sexually only during a few minutes of intercourse. The most liberating thing for men is to realize that they have total access to and control of their sexual energy at any time.”

Think about it! This sexual energy is available to us men 24/7. We should take advantage of it! Being able to orgasm at will is a powerful, mind-blowing experience! Try it!

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/are-energy-orgasms-real-you-bet/