“I Am Feeling Amazingly Sexual Today!”

I am feeling amazingly sexual today. Hard to describe exactly. But several things “came together” that have really skyrocketed my sexuality as a male. Let me explain…..

First, I am continuing my practice of semen retention and it is one of the reasons that I am feeling this incredible surge in well-being. I am “connecting” with people more than ever (men and women) and have a seemingly endless energy probably due to the increase in my testosterone. My wife has noticed this energy as well.

I have recently updated my resume and have begun a job-search in earnest. Had a very strong lead yesterday and applied. Hoping for at least an interview! My mood has increased ten-fold!

Listening to some relaxing music this morning and just had the urge to remove my boxers and place two fingers of my left hand on my perineum. Pressed in a little hard and just chilled this way for a while (perhaps 20 to 30 minutes). Oh my! The energy I could feel circling my body into my fingertips, into the lower groin and back around was incredibly stimulating. There was a distinct “pulse” that was not my heartbeat!

All-in-all, I am thankful I was created a male! There is this sexual “energy” pervading the air as well as myself now. If you can tune-into it, it is incredible! Combine this with the 24/7 sexual energy which is inherent in all males (and females for that matter), makes for a world that is “rocking” with sexual enchantment!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/i-am-feeling-amazingly-sexual-today/