“Semen Retention: No-Spill Zones”

For those of us navigating through “Semen Retention”, know that it requires a great deal of discipline and focus. As noted in previous blogs by myself and others, one needs to “channel” the sexual energy (fire) into other parts of his life. We males do not live in a sexual vacuum, most of us are not celibate and we must cope with sexual stimulation every day of our lives.

Here are some examples how, when practicing SR, we must navigate through the “No-Spill Zones” —-

First, as most of us males know, we have an average 3 to 5 erections every night. That means that usually at some point in time (in the middle of the night or early morning) we will awaken with a boner. How we manage these erections while practicing semen retention becomes the first test of our focus and discipline. Do we feel the need to masturbate and ejaculate? Do we want to have sex? You bet! But semen retention requires a more focused approach, a rejection of the normal male sexual response if you will, if we are to progress along the path. In time, the erection will subside and we will return to normal.

Another test is obvious. For those of us still married and sexually active, how do we possibly “manage” semen retention here? I got a true test last night. My wife once again decided that after 4 days of SR on my part, she would initiate. We quickly found ourselves in a no-holds barred make-out session lasting at least a half-hour. There was nothing we did not do. I don’t care to get too graphic here but suffice it to say that I was still not sufficiently aroused to “hold” my erection while performing. I don’t know if it was just my DE or, perhaps, subconsciously, I did not want to ejaculate and just told my penis to deflate. Whatever it was, it worked and my penis relaxed for the rest of the evening. But I spent time pleasuring her and making sure she was satisfied. She was! But what if I was able to fully penetrate her? Would I ejaculate? Well, perhaps but that would start a new “chapter” in my SR pursuit! (I know some guys already manage this through different techniques; I am not at that point yet).

During the day, we find ourselves in situations where we approach or confront a sexually-attractive female (or male for that matter). As we get deeper into SR, we realize (at least I do) that it doesn’t take much stimulation to get us “stiff”. Once again, we need to focus and remember that, no matter when we are next alone, we are NOT EJACULATING, PERIOD! What this means is that, later on in the day, we must refrain from pleasuring ourselves just to release the built-up sexual tension. We need to transfer that energy elsewhere! Again, it takes discipline and focus! We cannot soften our determination not to ejaculate!

And as another blogger has noted, even fantasizing about sex could trigger a wet dream later on in the evening! While this may sound like relief, it would be a failure on our part for not being disciplined enough not to ejaculate. (Of course, an involuntary release of semen may occur and that would be out of our direct control.)

How many times do I go through the day just casually “stroking” or “petting” myself (especially my cock or balls) through my jeans? Too many to count? Yes, all the male erogenous zones feel good but am I “secretly” trying to cheat? These things become more in focus the further I go into SR. Something to put in my pipe!

Need a few more examples from “real life”? —

—I challenge you to take a shower and not stimulate your genitals!
—The very act of urinating and defecating can be sexually arousing!
—For guys that need to wear jockstraps (especially with cups) for sports, how do they feel?
—Any guy have a DRE lately? How does that affect you?
—For us Aneros guys who are rewired, how does Aless affect you? Do you feel the need to ejaculate? Me too!
—And on, and on……I know I can come up with more.

I’m sure there will be many more “no-spill zones” which I must learn to navigate as I go through life and SR Sometimes, it seems like a minefield. But I need the mental clarity and focus to stay the course. it is not inconceivable that in a future blog, I too will be commenting on MY first 100 days of semen retention!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/semen-retention-no-spill-zones/