“Semen Retention: To The Edge And Back”

OMG! This session turned out to be my first SR “edging” session. Let me explain how it happened….

I was up early and dosing on some erotic music, binaurals for prostate health, etc. I was doing this for about 2 hours but feeling nothing in the prostate; somewhat disappointing. I am now into Day 7 of semen retention and I know my testosterone level is up. I woke up this AM with a very powerful Viagra-like erection and almost felt that I could be heading for a wet dream (if I were asleep).

I wanted to retire back to my own bedroom and I felt a strong need for a Peridise session. So I lubed-up the large one and inserted it fully (I have found that by doing this I seem to stimulate the prostate as well). Anyway, I rolled-over on my side and just relaxed for about 25 minutes or so. Near the end, while doing some kegels, I felt the beginning of a HFWO and when I felt the tip of my penis, it was wet with precum!

Now, remembering my “power” over my ejaculation while practicing SR, I decided that I would END this Peridise session (much to my disappointment in not ejaculating (it would have been so easy)). But that is not the end of this story…….

When I removed the Peridise and began to clean-up, I realized that I was still greatly aroused and I continued to ooze precum. What I remember next is a little foggy, but I knew that this was quickly becoming an “edging” session! I am laying on my back and my silky boxers are drawn up on my fully erect penis. For the next 15 minutes or so, I am “caught” in the sensual world between full arousal and ejaculation! I swear I was only a stroke or two away from cumming! I have not felt this way in a long time. It is hard to describe the feeling. (I’m sure a lot of guys know). My entire body seemed “electrified” right down to my fingertips and I feel a strong pulsing in my prostate (probably a prostate orgasm). I am continuing to ooze precum. This feeling just continued and I felt (like I said) only a stroke or two from ejaculating! But I was able to hold-onto this amazing sensation! Never before do I remember being so close to the “edge” for so long. This is the strongest, most sexually-charged male pleasure I believe I have ever experienced! Do you know the feeling during intercourse just before you ejaculate? This was that feeling, only multiplied by a time factor of 100! It never ended!


Now, I feel satisfied knowing that I continue to have power over my SR! I should be inching towards Day 10 soon enough!


PS I know I was lightly moaning during some or all of this edging session.


PS Some additional thoughts (while they are fresh in my mind):

=Semen retention and “edging” compliment one another nicely. Semen retention implies lack of action while “edging” is active. Neither practice should result in ejaculation, however.

=I need not be “afraid” of an erection while practicing semen retention. I know ways to cope with it.

=I need not be afraid of the “larger numbers” when practicing semen retention, i.e., 20, 50, even 100! What’s a number anyway?

=A “wildcard” in semen retention (especially when just starting out) is the increase in male libido (testosterone) and when/where it will plateau. I still feel it building up today (Day 7) and it is pretty intense! How high will it go? Will I be able to cope?

=Oh man! When I have an erection today, I feel like I could impregnate every female within a half-mile radius! That is not an exaggeration! Do you think they’re feeling it too? Time will tell!

=The uncomfortable feeling of “blue balls” will subside in an hour or less (without ejaculation) or much sooner (with ejaculation).

=A build–up of semen due to edging is not harmful to the body.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/semen-retention-to-the-edge-and-back/