“Semen Retention: Who’s In Charge Here?”

I was just driving today when it suddenly dawned on me: when practicing semen retention (SR), who’s really in charge? I know the answer now is obvious—ME! But with that answer comes a lot of qualifications.

I should be able to decide when to ejaculate. The only time my body will decide is if I need a wet dream!
I should have enough self-control to tell my penis to “behave”! Just because I have an erection is no reason to just ejaculate!
When I get aroused, I will make the decision if it will be leading me closer to the PONR. If it does and I want to continue SR, I will “pull the plug”. I don’t have to give-in to an ejaculation!
I have complete control over my sexuality. I can decide how aroused I want to be.

-to be continued

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/semen-retention-whos-in-charge-here/