“SR: The 21-Day No Ejaculation Challenge”

I decided to “take” the 21-Day No Ejaculation Challenge. I am now completing Day 8. The first 6 days or so were not pleasant. The hardest part was the “horniness” which was expected. Surprisingly, Day 8 was quite event-free (and horny-free). I don’t believe I had an erection all day which is amazing! I believe my longest previous “record” was 10 days.


Here is how this challenge works. It is really quite simple. No ejaculation for 21 days. If I experience a wet dream within 21 days, I start over and go back to Day 1. Sex is OK. Masturbation/edging is OK. Aneros with prostate orgasms is OK. Anything else sexual is OK. The only thing that is NOT OK is ejaculation! Simple, right? it probably will get harder as I progress but I decided to take the challenge. I will periodically update this blog to log my progress.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/sr-the-21-day-no-ejaculation-challenge/