A New “Male” Meditation

I read recently that normal males experience about 11 or more erections per day and about 5 during the night. Wow! Then it suddenly hit me like a brick: We males are designed for a specific purpose and it is quite simple. We get erect, aroused (through foreplay, etc.) penetrate and ejaculate. That’s it! Why do we have to make it so difficult?


Then, I began to “meditate” on this in greater depth. We should not be ashamed of our erections. We should not mind being “horny” some (if not all) of the time. It is a natural part of our existence. Of course, I know that life is never this simple. We complicate our sexual identities by putting restrictions on our sexual techniques and preferences. We develop sexual hang-ups such as PE, ED and DE. Not to mention porn and Viagra. We “choose” our sexual partners (male or female). We limit our sexual encounters even with our intended for various reasons. All of this goes counter to our “original” goal: to impregnate as many females as we can with our sperm. Just look at the sheer quantity of sperm contained in just a single ejaculation! Of course, society today places “restrictions” on our monogamy and chastens same-sex unions. But I believe that in our predecessors’ days there was more adherence to our male ancestors’ “original purpose”. Would we males lose many of our hang-ups by following a similar bent? Of course, it would not work today! But it is an interesting topic for discussion!

So the next time I am experiencing a “horny” episode that just won’t quit, I’ll remember my original “purpose” and try to put it into perspective.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/a-newmale-meditation/