“MMO – 10, Ejaculation – 0”

After reading “The Multi-Orgasmic Man“, I wanted to experience edging with prostate orgasms but without ejaculation. I thought I would have to ejaculate once or twice to experience this. Was I wrong! Let me explain…….

I am now into Day 12 of SR and, as usual, went to bed with a towel tucked beneath my silky boxers. I had started to get aroused in bed with my wife but it was getting too late for any serious fun. So I just rolled-over and was headed to dreamland.


Several hours later, I was awakened with the most INTENSE ERECTION possible. I am laying on my stomach and feel myself “pumping” my erect cock into a lover. OMG! Was this the start (or the middle) of a wet dream? Not sure now, but I realized that if I continued this for much longer, I would be quickly ending my recent semen retention challenge. With every twitch and every breath, I seemed to be inching closer and closer to the release. Yes, I wanted it. I felt completely mesmerized by this feeling and wondered if I was awake or asleep? Could I be headed for an involuntary ejaculation? Definitely, YES! (I am now feeling a twitching down in my prostate).

I decided to roll-over on my back and continue the stroking by hand on my unusually-hard cock through my boxers. My “safety towel” is still in place and I felt like it would come in handy. What happened next is still a little foggy, but the closest I can remember is that I experienced at least FIVE prostate orgasms (MMOs) just before the ejaculation which I though was inevitable. However, following each one (and I was only 2-3 strokes away from ejaculating) I cooled-down for about 20-30 seconds, then started it all over again. I counted at least FIVE orgasms (but no ejaculation) during this time. Finally, my penis is cooling down. I look at the clock and it has been a full HOUR since this session “took root”.

How I can say that I did not ejaculate is way beyond me now. If this is the essence of ejaculation control, I guess I’m aboard!

PS Checking things out in the bathroom afterwards revealed a lot of precum (the head of my cock is wet); I have a slight amount of groin discomfort as well. My prostate is still quivering.

PS As I complete this, I am wondering: how many MMOs could I have experienced? More than 5? Definitely! 10? Perhaps. I think it is all in the perceived proximity to the ejaculation and the recovery period in between orgasms. I did not get any free-flowing semen from the prostate pumping, but I feel that it would have been inevitable with an increase in the orgasms.


But Not Yet The End Of This Session!

I retired to the sofa and started to listen to a “Male Libido Booster” audio – about 30 minutes long. I didn’t expect it, but I got another erection and decided to edge some more. This time, I experienced no fewer than another 5 prostate orgasms and these were stronger than the ones before. I actually felt that I came within a stroke or two of ejaculating. Each time, like before, I rested for about 20-30 seconds before starting up again. How close could I come? I am starting to feel now that I am in COMPLETE CONTROL over my ejaculation! This was my goal and I feel that I have reached it! But, believe it or not, this is not yet the end of this amazing session. Let me explain.

I had an overpowering feeling to continue this edging with an Aneros session using Helix classic. I lubed-up with Slippery Stuff Gel and the Helix felt so good going in. What I will say next may be offensive to some readers, but here goes….

From the start and for the next 35 minutes, the Helix fucked me out of my mind. There is no other way to put it. It began auto-fucking me from the beginning and would not let up. I started changing positions, first right side, then stomach, then left side. I laid spread-eagle on my stomach. I curled-up my knees to my chest. But with each position, the Helix continued its relentless fucking of my rectum and my prostate and I can’t stop it. I am shaking and quivering on the bed. I am starting to moan. But the Helix just continued to fuck away and I believe I have not felt this way in any Aneros session. I feel it fuck me with every beat of my heart. I reach behind and feel the Helix moving as it fucks me (no exaggeration here). But the most amazing thing is that, in spite of all this stimulation, I still was in control of my ejaculation and did not go off. Amazing!

After about 35 minutes, I felt that this session (finally?) is about to come to a close. This is one for the record books!

PS One thing that I discovered is that during the second edging, if I stimulated the head of my penis directly (and not through my boxers), I would get an immediate charge towards ejaculation. This feeling was mind-blowing. I had to remember to “stop” just-in-time.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/mmo-5-ejaculation-0/