New progress?

After a long hiatus I am back at it. Lubed up my paradise and inserted it about mid afternoon yesterday and damn it felt just as good as I can remember.

When it got close to bedtime I decided to lay in my bed for a couple hours with my paradise still inside me. After about an hr I could feel this numbness build up. It started to go through me in waves. A couple of times I almost thought I was going to pass out because of it.

Then a couple times this is what puzzled me and I never felt before. I got this cramping sensation that originated about my prostate area then moved up the front of my body then went through me and up my back. Then that cramping came again and as soon as it passed my dick it went through to my ass and up my back then.

After a while I decided I was done with it. And decided to get up to go the bathroom. Here is where it got interesting however. It took me atleast 5 times just to sit up! And once I did finally make it up to stand I had to put a hand on my nightstand for a min just to gain my balance back!!

All in all it was a good session I thought can’t wait to do it again after I get rested back up!