A “Surprise” Aless Meditation and Super-O!

This morning started out quite uneventful. I awoke not too early and laid down for some relaxing music. But nothing felt right. I had to go to the bathroom (#2). When I returned, I felt a quivering down in my prostate and thought nothing of it. I laid back down and this time, I didn’t even bother with any music. So I just laid back down and began to meditate. What happened next blew my mind! I am starting to meditate with Aless and starting to perform very light “whisper” contractions. These became more pronounced and I began to re-position myself on the sofa. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was experiencing a series of prostate orgasms that culminated in a powerful Super-O that rocked my body once or twice! And then it was over just like that! I did notice an erection towards the end of this amazing “session”. These Aless experiences can seem to come on quite unexpectedly like this one did.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/a-surprise-aless-meditation-and-super-o/