A “What If” Meditation

I was just relaxing this morning and doing nothing special. Tried to listen to some soothing sounds but nothing was ‘clicking’. As I just laid there, I suddenly got some images/fantasies bouncing around in my head. Allow me to share…..

First, I ‘imagined’ that I was about 15 years old again. Oh, the fountain of youth! But what really impacted me was this ‘new’ feeling ‘down-there’. I am exploring my ‘package’ almost like for the first time and it feels great! I am fantasizing that I am being ‘explored’ by an equally-naive 15 year-old-girl. She carefully strokes my whole scrotum and penis and –wow!–what a feeling! She keeps this up for about 10 to 15 minutes or so. Then, my mind drifts into yet another meditation……

I am older (again) and begin to ponder: what if ‘sex’ were non-existent, perhaps on another planet and another race? What if they ‘create’ their offspring in a laboratory? What if ‘sexual intercourse’ is something completely unknown to them? That is a scary thought! But then, I began to meditate some more on this……

Are we not fortunate indeed that we were endowed with this mystical, magical power of ‘sex”? Why do we take it for granted? If we males can imagine (even for a few seconds) that we have lost our sexuality, what would that do? How would we feel? Could we continue to exist? These are hard questions. It brings to my mind that I know that, due to accidents or disease, some men (and women for that matter) can no longer experience the pleasures of sex. Does that mean that their lives are over? Of course not! They will need to explore the beautiful tapestry of life using their other senses, sight, smell, taste, sound, touch. But the sense of sex would not exist. That is why we should never take this sensual pleasure for granted! Yes, it is a part of our wonderful existence but it will not last forever! Savor it!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/a-what-if-meditation/