“Play Ball! — An Erotic Fantasy”

A supercharged erotic fantasy! Haven’t had one of these in a while! Let me explain how it developed……

I awakened with a overly-powerful erection. I had a small towel beneath my silky boxers this morning and was ready for any sort of release. I retreated to the sofa and put-on a music track that I thought would be right. On YouTube: “The Bedroom Part VI (6) Get Wet Edition”. So I started listening and began to caress my scrotum and perineum….Some time passes and I realize that I have fallen-into a fantasy…..

I am in my hotel room and I have solicited the services of a beautiful black prostitute. She is well-endowed and is really turning me on. She explains that she will give me what she feels is appropriate for me; but there is a major ground-rule: I cannot touch my package AT ALL! She will be in control the whole time (for as long as she wants). I agreed and she started what would become the most arousing “surfing” session I have ever experienced!

She proceeds with some light strokes and caresses of my scrotum and perineum. Ohhh! She has a soft touch and I am getting intoxicated by the closeness of her firm, luxurious body. I didn’t know it at the time, but for the first 30 minutes or so, she would not even TOUCH my penis! She concentrated exclusively on my balls and I am being ratcheted-up to a level I have never been before. I know I am getting wet and I have such an overpowering desire to penetrate her……but that is not allowed! I am groaning and moaning for a release, but I cannot do it!

A short while later, she “progresses” to stroke my penis, but only on the SIDES! OMG! She is teasing my cock and I almost can’t endure any more! How high will she take me?

At some point, she removes my silky boxers and continues stroking my balls and my perineum, but this time, she includes the sides of my penis.
She keeps this up for a while and my head is spinning with lustful desire to penetrate her. But she won’t allow me the pleasure. She continues to stroke away and I start spinning out into an erotic trance. I just can’t endure any more……

She senses this and slowly disengages from me……..this fantasy has now become a distant dream that I can savor………..


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