“Surfing By The Surf: An Erotic Fantasy”

OMG! What a hot surfing session! I never expected to be enveloped into such an erotic fantasy! Let me explain……

I was awakened by yet again a rock-hard erection and went to attempt a surfing session with some relaxing sounds. I laid-down and just got comfortable. Well, it wasn’t too long before I began to sink-into a most erotic fantasy. Here goes…..
I am at a new girlfriend’s house. It is on a beach which is fairly secluded. The surf is nearby and it sounds wonderful! She says that it would be nice if we can go down to the beach and lay down for a while. She will bring a blanket and we both change into our suits. I am wearing a very-loose, baggy suit. She is wearing a one-piece, skin-tight suit. We go down onto the beach; it is starting to get dark and just a little cool. We lay down on the white sand and just start to chill. As we are laying there, she begins to work her hand beneath my suit (she has brought another thin blanket and has draped-it over both of us for privacy) and oh-so-gently begins to caress my scrotum. I bluntly ask her: what if I come? Don’t worry she said—you can always go into the water to clean-off! I close my eyes and, while listening to the gentle surf, begin to be swept-away into this most relaxing, teasing, sensual tantric “massage” which she had in store for me. (I am not yet aware of her skill-level). I am not fully-hard at this point, only half-way so. She begins tapping on the underside of my penis and, although I am not hard, I can feel my prostate starting to pulse beneath my thin suit. What happens next is now a little foggy, but the best I can remember is that at some point, she carefully removes my suit (and the blanket) and I am laying there naked with her close-by, still continuing to play-away on my package. She does this like an expert musician. She is playing my package to perfection! She uses her left hand like a cock ring and with her right hand, she begins stroking and tapping the underside of my head. I can feel myself getting wet and sticky. She clamps-down on her grip but not too tightly and I am able to get a feel of the very sticky discharge from my now-erect penis. My prostate is continuing to pump and she re-positions her hand to start massaging my perineum. Her other hand, I believe, is caressing my now-erect nipples. At this point, I am close to coming but she has seen to it that I do not come.
It is getting a little cool now, she carefully pulls-up my suit but continues to caress my gorged package. The surf is getting louder now and it is definitely getting breezier. There is no-one on the beach now except for us. She suggests we go back into the house and continue to cuddle. OMG! With the moon just starting to rise over the ocean, and with the gentle sound of the surf, this will be a night unlike any other……

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/surfing-by-the-surf-an-erotic-fantasy/