“Surfing In The Red Zone: The Ultimate Male Pleasure?”

Background: I was awakened early by a powerful, horny erection. I retreated to the sofa and searched for a suitable music track. I have my silky boxers on with a safety towel in place. I discovered a track on YouTube that was absolutely perfect for the surfing “session” that was to come: “Emotional Chillstep Mix 1 by Amarel”. I got myself into position and started surfing.

Definition: “The Red Zone” That small patch on the underside of the penis usually responsible for stimulation to ejaculation.

Activity: I began this surfing session just like any other, starting with the scrotum and slowly working my way up to the glans. However, something about this music was directing me toward the “red zone” immediately. I knew it was dangerous (I am on Day 11 of SR) and a great risk of ejaculation. But I felt the pleasure starting to emanate from my “red zone” and I couldn’t stop it. I began to edge closer and closer to the PONR. My entire body was beginning to tense-up right down to my toes. My prostate is pulsing. I am inching closer and closer to the PONR and I can feel it coming. Yes, I am in the red zone and it is dangerous! There is no lifeguard around! I am alone in a sea of sexual bliss and I am in great danger!

Ending: The only way out is either complete surrender (to the ejaculation) or to step-back out of the red zone. I chose the latter. I feel my safety towel and it is wet with precum. I am still listening to this incredible track (which is 1 Hr 50 minutes long!). I think I will re-group and retreat once again to the sofa. What will comes next? …..

Part 2: “The Yellow Zone” I began to perform an external prostate massage through the perineum. I nicknamed this the “Yellow Zone”. I am continuing to listen to this amazing track as I am starting to get a bulge in my perineum. I kept this up for perhaps 25 minutes or so until I just could not take any f*****g more! My penis is getting hard while in this zone. I take a step back out of this zone…..Where to next?


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/surfing-in-the-red-zone-the-ultimate-male-pleasure/