“An SR Temptation”

I am in a new Day 8 of SR and as expected, I awoke with an extremely hard erection (way beyond 90 degrees!) Anyway, I decided to listen to some erotic music. It took a while, but I finally settled on “Erotic Affairs Porn Lounge Sensations (FULL ALBUM)” on YouTube. It was a full hour and thirty minutes and was perfect for this relaxing, erotic session.

I am beyond my boost in testosterone from Day 7 and I am really feeling it. As I begin to listen, I am falling-into a fantasy. My lover (girlfriend?) knows that I am practicing semen retention and she is “teasing” me. She begins to caress my firm balls through my red silky boxers and gently makes her way up to the shaft of my very erect cock. I warn her to stay away from the underside near the frenulum. But she gently pushes on it and squeezes it ever so sweetly. She keeps doing this while the music is playing and I am getting more and more aroused.

Finally, she whispers in my ear: “I just want the head of your glistening cock in me!” By this time, I am starting to leak precum and she sees that I could easily penetrate her. But I resist, because I know that if I penetrate her with only the head, I could easily cum within her with just a few strokes. So I maintain my resolve and say “No!” She continues…”Fuck me” she says. “Cum within me”. I can hardly hold-back. Now she has positioned herself on top of me and starts to straddle my erect, glistening cock. She makes contact with my head and I feel the sensation of starting to glide within her. She is wet too. It was so easy….

The music continues and coincidentally, there are realistic moans from an obvious sexual encounter (mine?) I am getting close to the PONR and know that if I want to continue my SR, I would need to stop, and now. So, as much as I wanted to continue, I knew that it would lead to a powerful ejaculation, one that I really didn’t want right now.

So I did stop and feel good knowing that I am continuing my SR in spite of a great temptation, even from a fantasy……


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