“A Very Relaxing Surfing Session”

Since I am still practicing semen retention (SR) and am currently in Day 9, I felt no pressure to ejaculate this morning. I discovered a new music track on YouTube: “DJ Fotis L – Music for Sex (Round 5)” which just came out a few days ago. I started to listen using my earbuds instead of headphones–they are comfortable and I can move around on the pillows freely.

During this session, I poked and prodded my erect and swollen members, being careful to stay away from the frenulum. But mostly, I just relaxed and listened and basked in a wonderfully, erotically-charged feeling that comes with semen retention. I am also now in very good standing with my wife and we are beginning a regular night-time routine of cuddling and more. I feel that I can be a little more aggressive in bed and will see how that progresses. I’m not sure if my wife is ready–I’ll know tonight if she’s receptive.

Anyway, the music was so relaxing that I swear I was starting to see colors during some of the sounds. I’m not sure if I was dreaming or awake but it was a neat but fleeting sensation. The one-hour track was over already and I am feeling just great today. I did not feel any urge to ejaculate even in spite of some obvious horniness. What will be the SR “magic number” this time? Time will tell……

PS Have more of a “half-erection” today–not flaccid like usual. Can go to a full erection with very little stimulation.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/a-very-relaxing-surfing-session/