“Snow White Chastity”

Well, here I am at Day 7. I wore my trusty Mueller FlexCup overnight, woke up with a strong erection and am ready to ejaculate! But, not so fast! Let me explain…….

What Color Is Your Chastity Cup?
Of course, I am not referring to the actual color of the cup. What I am referring to is the reason why you wear a cup? In my case, it is for masturbation and ejaculation control. Since I am now at Day 7 and probably close to developing the blue-balls feeling, is there any reason why I shouldn’t ejaculate?
Of course there is! I should not get a ‘free-pass’ and relieve my frustration just based on a number! I remain in chastity and the ‘extra’ erections I am experiencing now (due to a peak in testosterone) will just have to be endured.

No Easy-Out This Time
Yesterday, I was experiencing a lot of prostate orgasms throughout the day. I found myself performing kegels almost all day. I felt like my prostate was nudging me into some kind of action, either through ejaculation or a session. I did neither. I began to leak some precum too.

Guys that are locked-up in cock cages have to endure the same feelings. Some of them leak profusely. In their case, a lot of them don’t know when their next orgasm/ejaculation is coming. So neither should I. I feel the frustration building but shouldn’t take any action. How much can I endure?

My chastity cup is white. Touche’.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/snow-white-chastity/