Initiation ceremony for my new black friend

This report is surely NSFW as it describes my today’s initiation ceremony of my new non Aneros tool I lately bought for rediscovering anal pleasures, I had experienced lastly before beginning my Aneros journey two years ago. And I’m admittedly still struck by the fantastically rewired sensations. In details (last chance to skip NSFW reading matter.):
I’ve chosen a setup in the showers where I attached the realistic black dildo’s suction cup to the wall opposite of another wall I would be able to lean against. Only slipping on the condom and applying the lube to that member dangling from the wall felt like handling a real c*ck. Oh, f*ck, while remembering the initiation my gland just took over, tears in my right eye, strongest thrustings in my abdomen and an inner erection and a buzzing of enormous power. And a little ache from my penetrated h*le too. Back to typing my report, ignoring the ongoing involuntaries thrusting forward my pelvis while typing this. (“F*ck! That’s gonna be a tough challenge!)
After having lubed the dildo thoroughly, I applied some lube to my anus and inserted one finger to massage the opening. Then I already was so eager to get the dildo in me, that I made a first attempt. Oh no, I’ve become really tight again. Too long time since getting laid. Remembering my own advices giving lately to another guy here, I began to press as with a boulder movement, and got the glans a bit further into the entrance. No, some more lube has been necessary and I had to massage my sphincter a bit too. All the time I’ve been fully erect and my member was pulsating in lust, while thick drops of precum were oozing out and abseiling to the shower base. Slowly my sphincter managed to let my new black friend in and finally I forced it through the first sphincter. I stopped and accomodated with the size. What a difference to the Aneros tools. This typing of my report makes me horny beyond belief, especially when bringing all the lustful scenes back to my mind. I’ve always been a fan of teasing my sphincter muscle. That’s the spot where I feel the ultimate itch. Some dry orgasms shaking my body just proved my words. After a while I tried the inner sphincter which was not as easy to overcome as the outer one. So I slipped off the member and applied more lube on it and to my h*le. Rotating my *ss I went for the next try. Yeah, now I made it and could slowly take the whole length of that black friend in me. What a pleasure, what a filling feeling. Of course all my experiences with the real ones came in to my mind and I had to admit how I’ve missed it, how anal retentive I in fact am. I had to withstand the urge to go wild and soothed myself to take it slowly. Although my h*le just feeds back, that I may have overdone a bit, I had indeed taken my time and begun with slow motions pounding against the shower wall until I finally could feel the balls. Every now and then I slipped off the dildo only to savour the massage of my outer spincter by the pronounced glans of that dildo again.
I took great pleasure in my absolute control what this member did to my anus. With a real man behind it, there is an alien will that might not be one with yours. But I indeed could absolutely determine and reliably get what I wanted from this dildo. It just made me understand why women love those toys so well. They are not in a hurry to shoot their load. Their stamina is endless and when warmed up by my anus it even more and more felt like a real c*ck. And I took it that way. It became really an awesome f*cking, what was going on in my shower cabin. My ass cheeks were wet from sweat and slapping against the shower wall, I was moaning and squeaking with lust, and several dry orgasms shook my whole body. Not only a few times I was so overwhelmed by the pleasure in my anal canal that it forced me off the dildo, everytime thinking I would otherwise just have ejaculated handsfree. My member was pumping and pumping and oozing precum on and on. Now I began to vary my motions, taking turns at going over the whole length of insertion, teasing my sphincter, dragging out and plugging in, shoving it in as deep as possible. Every now and then I thought, hey, that’s enough for the beginning, but then again I couldn’t stop. All together it might have been a 45 minute session or better standing ovation, 😉
Arguing I could have a second session later, I finally could persuade myself to call it a f*ck. After cleaning up, only seeing that dangling member on the sink let increase my urge a lot to get laid again as soon as possible. My consciousness just wants to throw in, but your h*le is still aching, but my horny gland keeps telling me this little sacrifice is to be made. Gladly everyday life keeps me off from another session for a while, so my h*le gets sufficient time for its recovery.

Please excuse my explicit word usage, my h*rniness just took over and dictated most of my text.

Recapping this session I’ve discovered that my rewiring has even made me extremely more receptive for this kind of anal stimulation and also more capable of receiving an enormous amount of lustful sensations from that filling feeling and the teasing of my sphincters, like never known before.

To anyone feeling a bit bi-curious or even considering getting pegged by his girl or laid by his/a guy, I only can recommend to give such a toy a try.

Good vibes! Mart