5 Years In

As I entered my fifth year of Aneros use, I was a totally rewired man. My cock focused sexuality was now whole body focused. Anal – non ejaculatory orgasms became my primary source of sexual pleasure. Given a choice I preferred anal induced MMO to ejaculation. I have always loved cunnilingus, but now making oral love to my wife became a fixation. I was addicted to pleasuring her with my mouth. I developed a craving for the taste of her grool. A prolonged session of foreplay and having her participate in my Aneros insertion juiced her vagina and made the sap of her passion run from her pussy mouth.

Rewiring also amplified my exhibitionistic tendencies and my sense of sexual adventure. In daily life I loved showing my package off; wearing clingy pants and a “banana hammock” displayed the bulge in my pants unashamedly. I loved seeing girls looking at it. It needs to be noted that I am a hard person not to notice. I am 6 foot 6 inches tall and a lean muscular 220 lbs. I have a shaved head and a thick mustache. My 8.5 inch penis in a pouch that thrusts it out is hard to miss on me.

However, my sense of sexual bravado expressed itself beyond my clothing and underwear. Camming with “safe” – trusted acquaintances on line became part of my sexual repertoire. I participated in several sex forums and I was writing a sex blog on WordPress. I had over 800 pages of typewritten text on my blog and 10,000 subscribers. The Blog created my personal connection to several women subscribers. Indeed the majority of my subscribers were women. It turned out that 3 of my subscribers contacted me personally and personal messaged me. I became close friends with those three. By some coincidence all three were nurses between 35 and 50 years old.

My relationship with Nurselady (mentioned in a forum thread here) became one of sharing intimacies in emails and personal messages. The other two became camming buddies. I did cam sessions in hotels when I traveled for work. In emails leading up to those camming sessions we would plan what we were going to do. In every session simultaneous orgasm was the final closing activity. One of them ( a 46 year old) was extremely interested in watching me do an Aneros session. On more than one occasion I did a Tempo session as she watched and masturbated. Her interest was so profound she offered to meet me in a hotel so she could watch one in person. It took some convincing but I finally agreed. My only request was that i wanted to masturbate her. She was an extremely orgasmic woman and I wanted to experience seeing her cum several times in a row in person.

We agreed to meet in Connecticut where she lived; I took a detour on my way home from a meeting in Boston. We spent the night together in a hotel. The only ground rule that I stood by is that we would not fuck. Orgasms by any other means were fair game.
We met at 8 PM after her shift was over. The evening started with a shower together and mutual washing. I had never taken a shower that long in my life. There was a lot of kissing in the shower. She loved kissing. After drying each other off we made it to the bed where she almost assaulted me sucking my nipples. She knew the impact that that would have on me and it did. I was rock hard and a lessing in minutes. Exercising discretion I urged her to stop before she made me ejaculate; I can ejaculate from nipple sucking if I am aroused enough and I was extremely aroused.

When I gathered my wits I eased her back on the bed laying her across my lap. Bending my lips to hers we began to kiss passionately as my left hand drifted down to her sopping vagina. Her clit was fully erect and exposed and fair game to be massaged. Kissing her with all the finesses I could muster I began to stroke her rigid pearl. In no time she shuddered as the first orgasm drilled into her cunt. I did not stop the kissing and the vaginal stroking. It was very easy to “read” the valleys of her climaxes and the rest periods between orgasmic contractions and building arousal. In a matter of 20 minutes or so she had multiple orgasms, I really can’t remember how many but there were a lot.

She was the one to move my hand away from her trembling pussy. Looking into my eyes she asked me to let her put the Tempo in my anus. I acquiesced. Asking her what position she wanted my in she said on all fours with my anus facing her. So she leaned back on the headboard as I retrieved my Tempo from my toiletry kit. Lubing it up I returned to the bed and gave it to her. i then got on all fours with my anus three feet from her face and my knees straddling her knees.
Dipping her fingers into her drooling vagina she gathered her post orgasmic grool and spread it on the outside edge of my anal opening; then dipping her slippery fingers into the inside of my puckered man pussy to further lube the path for penetration. Then opening my cheeks deftly with two fingers she pressed the bulbous head of the Tempo against my hole and slowly inserted it. The sensation of having a woman insert the Aneros was beyond arousing. Pleasure waves began immediately. Those pleasure waves became full fledged super o’s in minutes.

I turned my head around looking back at here. One hand was knuckle deep in her cunt as the other hand fondled my balls. She had a “ringside – front row” seat to my flexing – spasming anus as cascades of MMO’s resonated deep in my anal canal. There was no room for shame or embarrassment. I was deep in an orgasmic . Knowing that I was performing a very intimately vulgar show for her deepened the orgasms grip on me. The precum that was drooling in a stream from my cock slit dribbled ignominiously on her leg.

That MMO lasted more than an hour and she had a dozen orgasms or more. When it was over she slid her head underneath my legs and suckled my cock with the Tempo still inside me. The sweet relief of my ejaculation made my cock lurch in the warm wetness of her mouth as she drank my creamy passion.

We slept together that night, enjoying a very extended make out session with mutual fondling and several more orgasms for her and a final ejaculation for me before we fell asleep.

That was in March five years after my first MMO. It was a turning point as it established my ability to have MMO’s in front of a person other than my wife. She was the only woman I ever did that with and have not done it since. That was 9 years ago.

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