Sixth Year Milestone

In the summer of my sixth year, mid way to my seventh year of Aneros the nature of my need for sexual pleasure and my response to arousal had shifted totally as a result of rewiring. Arousing images and fantasies still coaxed my penis to erection but at the same time a sexy woman or male penis porn or an erotic dream or writing my erotica would make my anus tingle and twinge and make my nipples erect.

However as much as rewiring bent my sexuality in an arc that I never would have predicted it also enhanced my sex practices and expanded my existing desires and proclivities.

My sex life began in reality when I was 19; from that date on it was focused solely on penis in vagina sex and masturbation. When I met my wife and we became intimate my prurient focus added oral sex on her. For both of us the most intense and pleasurable orgasms we both have occur during oral sex, whether it is me on her or her on me or in 69. Aside from rewiring and my orgasms I absolutely love my wife’s pussy. Licking her slot, suckling her clit or massaging her G spot with a finger it’s all good for me. Likewise I love to be sucked; the visual turn on is a huge influence on my orgasm and ejaculation. Fucking has been and still is a way for me to feel close to my wife. Like many women she loves it because she loves the fullness that penetration with my large penis provides. She loves the lurching tug of my shaft inside her and the swelling contracting action of my cock head that accompanies pumping of my ejaculate inside her. Having her juice my penis as I embrace her provides a visceral bond that is not available through any other means.

From the time we first met oral sex was our go to act to pleasure each other. In our earliest sexual relations before we got comfortable enough to pleasure each other orally we would spoon and I would ass hump her to ejaculation as I masturbated her. I know the landscape of her vagina extremely well and I know what turns her on. But since rewiring my patience and focus on pleasuring her to orgasm has increased by a factor of ten.

As to my orgasms, she has always loved to masturbate me to watch the “cum fountain” I make when I erupt. So it was not surprising that when she found out about Aneros and its impact on me she was on board. In our early experience of her being involved in my Aneros sessions, I would have to admit that it is harder for me to get intense MMO’s with her involved. However, her willingness to participate was not lost on me. The winter that I turned my 6th year of use we talked about prostate massage and the awakening of my prostate as a responsive sex organ.

So while we were traveling in the spring of 2011 we were at a very nice hotel that had a Jacuzzi in our room. We never pass up a chance to take a dip together. We are both tall people so an oversized tub is a hard thing to pass up.
After an intimate soak with very intense kissing and mutual soapy washing, with special attention to penis and vagina we made our way to the bed. She asked if she could do a P massage on me. Although she had done several insertions of Aneros with me and sucked my nipples during the sessions, she had never done a finger penetration prostate massage.

So exercising my “passive” sex role I laid on my back, propped my derriere on a pile of pillows to raise it and parted my legs. Having her lube my anus with a finger ever so tenderly as she kissed my penis was perhaps the most serenely erotic experience I had ever had to that point. I was totally erect and drooling in minutes. She prolonged the moment by languidly massaging my anal opening. One of the mysteries of rewiring is that the area around my opening has become extremely responsive to stimulation. So as I lay there my mind drifted away in the warm floating pleasure of exterior stroking of my anus, I was miles from reality someplace deep inside my mind. Time slowed and my thoughts drifted away, all that there was was this sweetly serene pleasure dancing around my anus.

I have no idea how long she did this for because as I said time ceased to exist. Then in a devilishly intimate move of her finger she slid it into me. At that pointthis was the first time a finger penetrated my anus for pleasure. The sense of being penetrated by her when I was so stilled and relaxed made my heart race. I could feel every inch of her advancing probe as she was doing it so slowly. This was a first for her as well so she was very tentative. When her middle finger was in me as deep as it would go she asked how it was. All I could do was murmur … amazing.

Buoyed by my gasping affirmation of pleasure she added a second finger to the first. My anus relaxed and accepted the intrusion. She finger fucked me for several minutes sliding in and out of my hole as she pinched and toggled my nipples. Once her confidence in what she was doing was ok, she bent her lips to my chest and began to suck my nipples as she finger fucked me.

The lugubrious drifting pleasure that surrounded me before was replaced by intensely erotic sensations of sexual desire. Yet in my rewired state my mind did not urge me to do anything, but rather it urged me to lay still and savor what was happening. My reward was the erect of my prostate; I recall that that was probably the first time I could actually feel it hardening and growing. I told her what was happening and urged her to find it. Although I have never found it (until this day), she did immediately.

When she put her fingers on my prostate and began to stroke it tenderly while she continued to suck my nipple a jolt of exquisitely pleasurable agony washed over my body. Chills ran up my spine as my prostate began to contract and pump pre cum and prostatic fluid. It was not an orgasm, but rather I was suspended in that divinely anguishing moment before ejaculation. I was pumping precum in a a single sustained MMO for 30 minutes.

Although I don’t remember saying anything or making any noises she later told me it was the hottest thing she had ever done with me. She said that I uttered a string of lurid words, grunts and moans. I do remember that the intensity of the ecstasy that I felt was like a dozen women were holding me down on the bed so that she could relish my bofdy and inflict this rapturous torture on my anal canal.

The orgasms that resulting reverberated throughout my pelvis, making my penile bulb spasm and my cock slit tingle as my entire rigid penis lurched in a spastic dance.

I struggled to cope with the sensations of white hot spasming ecstasy that were flowing into my anus in a torrent. I remember struggling to lay still as I stroked her head as she sucked the erotic electricity from my rigid nipple.

Suddenly she withdrew her mouth from my reddened teat, leaving it cold and rigid. I felt momentarily abandoned. Exercising her years of knowledge of my sexual anatomy she made the “coup de grace”.

With her freed left hand she grasped the base of my elongated stone hard penis and tilted it towards her mouth. Then with the assuredness of purpose gained from 25 years of sucking my cock she wrapped her lips around my shaft just behind the ridge around my cock head so that my sulcus was resting on her tongue. Then using the tip of her tongue like an evil sorceress she traced the outine of the ridge of my cock head and began to tease and rub the tip of her tongue in the cleft underneath my swollen corona.

Suddenly my male imperative returned. I could no longer deny my biological urges. Slowly I begane to mouth fuck her, thrusting my pelvis slowly as to not dislodge the exquisite touch of her fingers deep in my anus. Taking her cue from me the dance of the tip of her tongue turned to laying the underside of my cockhead flat on her tongue as she began to vigorously suck it and rub it on the roughness of her tongue.

Indeed it was more than I could bear. Impaled by her fingers deep in my asshole and my cock in the lascivious warm suction of her mouth, my cock throbbed and shuddered in the sweet agony of imminent ejaculation. I gave my balls silent permission to release. The gates of my ejaculation opened and the steaming hot lava of my ejaculation began to flow. The pulsing euphoria that followed was agonizing. I remember shuddering and trembled as I pumped rope after rope of hot semen into her mouth. As I did the sensation of having her fingers inside of my anus as my opening contracted on them in rhythm to my pumping ejaculation caused a syrupy euphoria fill my mind.

I pumped one of the largest loads of semen I had ever released, so much so she gagged, which was a first. She had many years of experience swallowing my loads.

That was 8 years ago. It was a milestone that is cemented in my memory to this day.