Fun in the shower

1/10 10:15 a.m.

Ok, there’s more. Sorry to be writing so much, but it’s so much fun I really want to share. And I think maybe writing about it is fun as well.
After I got done writing my previous post I needed to go up and shower to get ready for an appointment. My rectum was missing Syn a little, so I decided I would try inviting Helix into the shower with me. I grabbed the massager, lubed my hole and canal and then lubed up Helix. She wanted to play with my perineum and scrotum before she went inside, so I let her do that and then directed her in. Ahhhh. Going in and coming out is one of my favorite parts. I really didn’t expect much; I just thought she would lay in there like when I was sleeping. However, as I started to shower, the motion moved her around and gave me the most wonderful sensations. Then (as I’ve heard others say), POW! – pow!, pow!, pow!. She was fucking me powerfully. Not sure I had even experienced auto-fucking before this point. I was vocalizing, dancing, trying different positions to optimize. The party lasted my whole shower (which are longish). When I was done showering I thought it would be efficient to bring her out into the open and clean her up. When I took her out I lingered when the largest part of her was near my inner sphincter (I think). Exquisite pleasure! Thanks, helix, for the fuck. I owe you.