The Beat Goes On

So looking back to my 7th year of Aneros practice, I can say Aneros made me into a new man. In January 2012, I was 59 years old with the sex drive I had at 30, but I was wiser, more self aware and more patient. When I say I was a new man, my outlook on sex and sexual pleasure had become very open and enlightened. I can objectively say I was made to be a more sensual man. My outlook on life and sexual pleasure became more Zen like. Although my home life was very conventional my career was always just a little outside the box; Aneros made my sex life a little outside the box just as my career was. I really had a more laid back attitude towards success and traditional achievement than my peers and I had a deeper more convoluted attitude towards sex than my friends and acquaintances. I came to enjoy life and my sex life as a result of my shifted mental state.

As for sex, in my seventh year I took the leap to explore male – male sexual exploration with a very safe guy I met on line in a very safe forum. We met once. Like me he was a married – curious guy, but he was 20 years younger than I. It was both our first times. We spent a weekend together in a hotel. That will be another entry.

My performance sexually at 7 years was enhanced by the many Aneros sessions I had done by that point. Because I had mastered A Less at two years, I began to do A less sessions regularly after 2 years. By seven years my sex life consisted of 4 A Less Sessions every week one Aneros and one to two sex sessions with my wife, sometimes fucking and sometimes oral sex or mutual masturbation. The volume of my precum in arousal almost doubled, the volume of semen in ejaculation increased by at least 50% and the force of ejaculation increased significantly.

Through the earlier years of Aneros and rewiring my awareness of the subtleties of sexual pleasure and orgasmic sensation became more acute. Somewhere in the 3rd year I began a WordPress Blog that was a diary of my daily sex life. I enjoyed the erotic writing. I had several thousand subscribers. I loved doing it. It became very popular. Buoyed by the blog I began an erotic novel; I finished it two years later; it was semi autobiographical. It is 400 pages and was never published. I have since started two other novels one of which is a sequel to the first one.

As a result of prostate awakening and sexual enlightenment I became active in two heterosexual forums, one of which I was a moderator for. In those forums I became friends with a half a dozen women and one or two guys. I met almost all of them in person. Two of the women I wound up giving massages with happy endings to but never had sex with them. Again that is another entry for later.
At 7 years I had 5 Aneros, 3 Nexus, 1 Lelo and 5 N Joy devices. Although I had an arsenal of prostate pleasure devices I usually wound up using my Tempo, Eupho, Phun Plug and the Lelo exclusively. I was camming sessions with two female friends both of whom were nurses. I was a regular on Dick Net, camming routinely; I had a regular following of guys who for some reason loved my ass, literally LOL.

Looking back on it I can honestly say that I found my groove at 7 years. I can say I felt in control of my sexual pleasure and orgasms by then. At 7 years I shifted from reaching for successful P orgasms to savoring each one. There was a recent question in the forums here. It was asking whether there is a ceiling to prostate pleasure. My response was to not think of our P orgasms as being measureable in quantitative terms. Instead I suggested that what is appropriate for me is to consider the nature and character of my orgasms. When they flow into my anus, tug on my cock and make my cock root throb in ecstasy, they invade my body and mind. I am transported to what I think of as orgasmic nirvana. In this lugubriously sensual place in my mind, I relish the swells and pulses and chimes of each orgasmic crescendo. I do indeed savor each one like it was sweet wine on my tongue.

I have said many times in writing here and in other places that my orgasms are kaleidoscopic. They shift and move like the Northern Lights, each shift offering a view of brilliant ecstatic bliss to my minds eye. To continue my analogy, I sometimes think of them as entering a space. Once inside that space it reveals interconnected hallways to me, each hallway a shimmering promise of agonizing sweet rapture. In the depth of orgasmic nirvana in a session, I envision myself walking down hallways and turning corners to enter rooms each one full of intensely erotic new sensations resulting in nuanced orgasmic euphoria.