It’s Complicated

My first Aneros arrived fourteen years ago this week. I remember it well. I was like a kid on Christmas Eve, waiting anxiously. I had been lurking in the forums (which was all we had here at the time, there was no chat yet). I asked questions occasionally but mainly I read in wonderment until I got brave enough to mail for my MGX.

The seven year mark was a very easy milestone to remember as well as it was the year that I exercised my post rewiring curiosity about M- M sex. As this post says , it was complicated. I have posted this narrative once before on my last blog and I was not sure if I was going to post it again, but it was such a milestone in my Aneros Journey, the story is incomplete without including it. I post it also for all the “curious” guys in the forum who wonder themselves.

In my post rewiring world the sexual man that I was was bent in an arc that surprised me beyond my wildest dreams. In my adolescence I would purchase nudist magazines in Times Square in the “dirty magazine” shops to see both men and women nude. I always had a fascination with nudity of both sexes. Post rewiring this inclination amplified tenfold. Beyond my voyeuristic tendencies rewiring expanded my own exhibitionistic tendencies. My sexual bravado had evolved exponentially. When I joined here that January, Artform told me about Dicknet; he was a member. Dicknet was a forum for guys to share intimate pictures and chat about their sexual proclivities in a chat room and in personal messages. Art and I spent many hours chatting there about many personal things beyond our cocks and sex.

Beyond chatting with Art, I was drawn to sext with several guys there; I very much enjoyed the arousal of being so open about my evolving sexuality. As I got more comfortable I began to share pictures of my turgid penis with friends and get other peoples pictures in return. It was not easy to send the first pictures but there was a rush to it that excited me. Through those pictures I made several trusted friends. I introduced Aneros to several of them; we used the chat room there the same way we use the one here.

There was a guy that I befriended that March that really had a lot in common with me. Like me he was happily married and not interested in an affair. He was monogamous as was I. He was 20 years my junior at 39 to my 59. Like me he was insanely curious about sex with a man. We shared many pictures and over the ensuing months made appointments to chat in private messaging on the site. Our conversations were startlingly open and at face value very lurid. I would don my women’s panty liners when we chatted as my precum flowed a stream after 15 minutes of hot interaction. We would chat two – three times per week.

By September we were like old friends. It was during an on line exchange in September that I broached the idea of acting out some of the fantasies that we shared in a meet up. I wasn’t sure how he would react to my suggestion, but to my great excitement he enthusiastically agreed that it was a great idea. He lived in suburban Virginia and I traveled frequently to Washington for work, so it was an easy arrangement to make. We committed to meet in October just before Halloween. I had a one day meeting that justified me being there and I fabricated other activities that I was going to do during the trip to justify and extra day stay.

Once we agreed to meet our conversations turned to talking about our mutual interests for the tryst and agreeing about anything that we were both not interested in doing. For a variety of reasons we both agreed that anal sex was out; that was the only non starter. We both agreed that we wanted a “gay boyfriend” experience which involved kissing, tender foreplay and intimacy. It is worth noting that we both were not attracted to men but rather we were attracted to male sexuality, cocks and the forbidden element of seeking sexual pleasure with another man.

I stayed as a regular guest at the Capitol Hill Suites in Washington; that was where we agreed to meet. I went down the day before our hookup to say the first night and have my meeting at 1 in the afternoon. He agreed to travel into the district at 5 to meet for dinner and stay the night. We actually had a date.

At the appointed time I went down to the lobby to wait for him. I sat waiting very impatiently. I recognized him immediately even though in all the pictures I had of him he was naked; this was the first time I saw him dressed. He was a good looking guy with a build very much like mine, tall and lean. He was about 6 ‘ 2″ to my 6″ 6″.

We greeted each other warmly with a handshake and a pat on the shoulder. Despite the intimacy planned for the evening anything more in public seemed awkward. Admittedly though I did want to give him a “guy hug”. He was a a very appealing looking guy; his square chin and dark hair and blue eyes were striking.

We entered the elevator together, fortunately we were alone. That allowed for the suppressed hug to happen. As we embraced he admitted to me that he was way too nervous to eat, asking me if we could bypass dinner. I was hesitant to suggest it but I had such butterflies in my stomach I responded that I felt the same way.

When we got to our floor I told him the room and directed him down the hallway with me following behind him chatting as we walked. He was wearing tight jeans that clung to his ass, giving me an outstanding view as we walked. I was remembering what his ass looked like in the pictures and reveling that that taut behind was here in front of me. I felt my erection firming.

When we got to our room I went in front of him and swiped the key pushing the door open as I did. We both went in leaving the door to slam with a heavy hotel door thud. We were inside hidden from the world free to reaally our erotic fantasies and enact the debauchery we had plotted for months.

It was awkward for a second neither one of us being expert or experienced in what we were about to do. I tried to be as matter of fact as I could as I went to close the curtains in the large window; returning to the bed I turned down the duvet and bedspread to expose crisp clean white sheets. As I did I thought of the king size bed as our stage, a set for the performance of the things that I had rehearsed so many times in fantasies in my mind during sessions. My heart was racing and my cock was stone hard.

Looking up at him as I walked the covers to the foot of the bed I quipped, “well I guess this is the part where we lose our clothes”. He smiled nervously and nodded.

I unzipped my pants and slid out of them, I looked down at my crotch. my cock was tenting my briefs. He was already pantless and shirtless and his cock was equally rigid, tenting his boxers. Soon we were both naked. His cock was even more beautiful than it was in pictures. Whereas mine is 8.5 inches and curved up in erection with an upswept cockhead, his was slightly smaller than mine at maybe 7 inches but it was straight. His cock head was elegantly long and purple hued. We stood admiring each other for several seconds then without a word or hand movement suggesting what to do next we just stepped towards each other and embraced, cock to cock and we kissed. The kiss was strange but profoundly erotic. Obviously I had never kissed a man in a passionate embrace before. It was intensely arousing.

As we kissed we gently ground our hyper aroused cocks against each other. I had not kissed anyone that passionately in years. My hand fell to his ass cheek; I caressed it and squeezed it as we got lost in the heated eroticism of that kiss.

We fell onto the bed together in a tangle of legs, and torsos, suckling each other’s nipples, and kissing each other’s cocks. We explored each other’s bodies for an hour. Suckling each other’s balls, tonguing anuses, and kissing. I was leaking precum all over him.

It was an interesting play of who would be dominant and for what act. We had discussed what we wanted to do but never who would take the lead in doing it. He didn’t wait to ask. He pushed me onto my back and said to me that he wanted to do me first. I had no idea what that entailed but I slid into my feminine passive role. Laying back I parted my legs for him and lay there waiting. With gentlemanly self assuredness he took my cock head in his mouth and began to suckle on it like he was a calf and my cock was an udder. I was in heaven, stroking his temple and he nursed on my rigid penis.

Knowing he would make me cream if he continued he wetted a finger with my precum and his saliva and penetrated my anus to seek my prostate and stroke it. I froze in ecstatic anguish I clasped his finger in my anus like it was an aneros. Looking down at him his erect cock was drooling a long stream of his precum. I so wanted to sip it from it pink slit source but i suppressed my will and lay there succumbing to him. He lowered his lips to my nipple and began to finger fuck my man pussy as he sucked my nipple. I immediate launch a string of super o’s. My cock was lurching and softening as wave after wave of orgasmic euphoria made my anus clench on his invading finger.

Seeing my cock softening he stopped his assalt and returned his warm sucking mouth to my penis. Deep throating me he waited with his lips pressed against the base of my penis for the sensation of his hot mouth and tongue to erect me again. He didn’t have long to wait. In a matter of minutes I was erect at my full length. Extricating him from my cock I suggested that it was my turn now. I had dreamt of this moment for years. I was going to frot a man.

Laying him on his back and putting his legs together, I mounted his thighs as if he was a horse. We were looking into each other’s eyes, and not saying a word. I straddled him, with the inside of my thighs pressing on the outside of his thighs. Then looking deeply into his eyes I quietly and gently told him I was going to frot him and make him cum. My gaze became intense as I graceful moved up on his torso until my balls were hovering over his. As I lowered my body my balls rested on his. The touch of our balls was profoundly intimate. I savored the feeling of the meeting of these most intimate parts of our anatomy. Then slowly I leaned forward laying the underside of my cock shaft on his until our sulcuses touched. Then I grasped our cock shafts in my hand and lined them up so that we were in perfect alignment.

My cockhead was touching his, my slime was drooling onto his cockhead lubing it for sweet friction. Looking down on our two erect penises pressed together, it was one of the most erotic things I had ever witnessed. The looking back intoi his eyes I began to thrust my pelvis back and forth as I held the undersides of our cocks together. The divine friction of my sulcus rubbing on his shaft and his rubbing on mine was heavenly. Instead of a tough assertive man, he was a demure sex partner succumbing to my debauchery. I was drawing my cock back and forth over his as if my cock were a bow and his shaft was a string on a double bass. The action of my bow on the fiber of his sexuality was raising sweet music in his brain. The tension was building in both of us, as I continued to stroke his shaft with mine.

My ejaculation came first. Looking down on his hapless penis I stilled my thrusting so my cockhead was resting on his. I waited in that agonizing ecstatic moment for my semen to flow. He knew what was happening and reached up to pinch one of my nipples. That triggered the opening of my gates. As my anus convulsed my cock pumped my cum spilling it all over his cock head, glazing it like it was a cruller. The sensation of my hot semen flowing over his cock head caused him to release and his semen spewed to combine with mine on his belly in a lecherous cocktail. It had only been two hours and we had experienced our first mutual orgasms.

I retreated to the bathroom to get wetted wash clothes to clean up. I asked to be the one to clean him up. He acquiesced. There was something about cleaning his semen coated penis that was so forbidden and tender it erected in less than five minutes. That was all I needed to see. Seizing on the moment I took his penis in my mouth and began to suckle him with the clear intent of making him spew again. The act of sucking him made me hard again which led me to swing my body around and straddle his head as I lowered my cock to his mouth.

I had 69ed with women and my wife loves doing it, but it was entirely different 69ing a man. It was like sucking myself. Whatever I did to him he did to me. Laying on my side I took him with me as I layed my head on the inside of his thight and he did to me. We nursed on each others penises, caressing each others balls and massaging each others anuses until once again we both ejaculated.

Ejaculkating in each others mouths in the position we were in there was no other alternative but to take each others loads in our mouths. Holding his ass cheeks in my palms as he hurled ropes of cum intop my mouth was both tender and vulgar. His semen was salty and sweet and very hot. It was my first taste of another mans cum. It was actually kind of pleasant and easy to swallow so I did as did he.
That night we slept together, obviously both nude, taking turns spooning each other in the middle of the night. Spooning gave us the opportunity to fondle each other s cocks in between light sleep. It was very difficulrt trying to sleep. We kissed some more and sucked nipples some more in between naps in the dark. It was extremely difficult not to sex each other up.

I woke first at 8 AM. Reaching over to his groin under the covers I found him with a morning hard on. Wondering whether I could stimulate him to have an erotic dream I began to ever so lightly tease his cock cleft. It made him squirm. I teased him like that for 10 or 15 minutes, making him squirm as he slept. His cock slit began to leak precum which I availed myself of. Spreading his love nectar on his cleft I began to massage it in earnest which woke him up.

Ass hump me I said as I rolled onto my stomach. He needed no further urging. Laying my back he put his cock in my ass crack so his cock head was on my anus. Laying his full weight on me he humped me vigorously grunting like a bull in heat. We exchanged vulgar dialogue, with me telling him was a stud he was and how good his cock felt on my man pussy. He unloaded thge htird time spewing all over my asshole. We exchanged tender embraces even with a load of his cum in my ass crack. The last embrace led to him masturbating me until I ejaculated on his belly.

We ultimately parted at 10 AM after showering together. He left the room first kissing me and turning to open the door to leave. I waited a while before I left; turning i looked at the rumpled sheets on the bed and thought of the events of the last 16 hours and I left. That was 7 years ago, we never spoke again and haven’t since. That was what we agreed on.

It wasn’t as complicated as I thought.