“It’s Not All Physical!”

I have noticed lately that not all sexual arousal has to originate from physical touch. For example, while wearing a “chastity cup” this morning, I began to develop an erection while browsing some personal hygiene things online. And I began to think: Is there indeed a mental “component” to sexual arousal in addition to the more obvious physical one? And I believe the answer has to be a resounding “Yes!” Let me explore this further….

What is it that enables our sexual thoughts to “communicate” with our bodies? And are we males “hard-wired” for this response? This is intriguing! Does it mean that (as related to Aneros) we need to be in the “right” frame-of-mind to achieve good results from a session? I believe that most of us here would answer this in the affirmative.

I believe that there is more at work here than meets the eye. For example, how do I feel about myself as a male? Do I see myself as a super-stud, ready to take-on any available female? Perhaps in my younger days, but probably not now as an older man. So what attributes would I possess now to embrace my male hood? I think that “Aneros knowledge” plays a part here. I am more “in-tune” with my sexual self now (post-Aneros) than at any other time in my life. I am always exploring how my body reacts sexually to different stimuli; in essence, how aroused I can become.

It isn’t all about sex after all. At my age, the physical act of sex is much less frequent than it used to be. But there are other ways to express that sexuality, both with a partner and without. My wearing of “chastity cups” creates a sexual “tension” down in my groin that almost continuously stimulates me sexually. Usually, I don’t pay too much attention to it, since it is so frequent. But over time, is that stimulation working on my brain and somehow re-wiring it further for “automatic” sexual pleasure? The brain, after all, it is said to be the largest sexual organ in the body. Now I think I am beginning to understand this metaphor more completely.


PS Implication to Aneros —- So then it is clear to me that having this right “mindset” is necessary and vital to achieving a good Aneros session. It seems to me that with my “best” sessions, going-in to the session with the “right” attitude really does makes a difference. It’s like the anticipation of how I would feel if I were to engage in sexual intercourse. It’s not just another “ho-hum” activity! It can engage me and energize me right down to my sexual core! Touche’.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/its-not-all-physical/