My Eighth Year and the Trinity

Once I crossed the “sexual line” with a guy midyear in year seven, the rest of that year just disappeared into the abyss of forgotten events and experiences. That event overshadowed everything else that might have happened. I can’t recall much. I know I did sessions every time I traveled, which was two times per month. I was gone three – four days for each trip. That translates to somewhere between 40 – 60 sessions per year but honestly I don’t remember any of them. By that time Aneros orgasms were a sweet and savored part of my life, but they had become as routine as sex. Some were great I am sure and some probably weren’t . None the less I continued to learn and savor the euphoric rewards my body was giving me.

In January, the start of my eighth year I reached a significant milestone, that was launching my A Less sessions in my wife’s derriere; this is something that I still do to this day. It happened one night when she was wearing a tee shirt and no panties to bed leaving her bare rear exposed. We happened to be spooning at 4 AM, my “witching hour” for MMO. My morning erection happened to slip into the warm caress of her bottom. Spontaneously unbidden the MMO just started. She was sleeping and I was lodged in her crack as tortuous pleasure made my cock root pulse and impaled my anus. These A Less sensations were subtle but strong, stronger than any other A Less orgasms I had had at that point. Key was laying still and not jumping around or twitching and waking her.

Later while doing another MMO in the crease of her derriere I learned that if I could finesse my cock head to nestle against her anus, the heat of her opening induced the most luxuriously pleasurable orgasmic convulsions in my own anus. This practice allowed me to cast mental imagery of our shared anal pleasure. I imagined her feeling my large hot cockhead at the entry of the tender heat of her anus, with my cock slit kissing her opening and leaking on it. I knew she would love the sensation just as she loves it when I lick and kiss her anus. The image was erotically incendiary. This was a beginning.

That feminine ass induced A Less experience forced me to make the link between the physical sexual response of my body in MMO, my mental consciousness and the sensation in my anus and cock in orgasm. Plainly stated, I learned to control my MMO’s; I could alter where I felt them and how to modulate them with my mind. I also trained my orgasmic response to remain contained in my anus, pelvis, balls and cock root as I stilled my body to allow my brain to relish the pleasure. It was control and abandon in harmony, a very Zen mind set.

In real terms what this translated to was being able to throttle down and throttle up my orgasms through mental imagery and mental will. At the same time I was able to perceive and sense the dawning and evolution of my orgasm deep in my anal canal and contain it in my anus and penile bulb as it grew and expanded. My penile bulb (cock root) began to become a key part in my MMO pleasure. Through breathing and Zen learned focus I was able to will my body to be still and move the powerful bliss of orgasmic energy to my cock root, anal canal, anus and perineum and have it cling them. I channeled the sensation and savored it like fine wine as I succumbed to it’s wiles. By limiting where the orgasm expressed itself and how I felt it, I was able to realize deep euphoric anguish.

So it was one night after an intense A Less derriere session when I was spooning my wife as she slept with my softened cock in her ass crack oozing my love honey on her hole, that I experienced that first extended A Less Session. It was almost two hours. I rolled away from her to lay on my back and savor the dwindling anal spasms and twitching pleasure. As much as I wanted to rest and reignite afterwards the orgasms refused to relent, they clung to my prostate, squeezing it and urging it to continue; unwilling to succumb and loose the pleasure my prostate responded by spasming in gentle waves of bliss. So as I lay there soaking in the warmth of gentle orgasms I thought I would have nothing to lose by playing with my flaccid cockhead. If I came there was nothing lost.

At that moment I discovered the power of my cock cleft or penile sulcus in the inducing of MMO’s. That night the underside of my cock head became a powerful orgasmic trigger to launch and amplify the ecstasy that drilled into my anus.

My penis is always erect when I start an Aneros or A less Session. However, as I descend into the chasm of orgasmic euphoria and the flames of steaming rapture sink deeper and deeper into my man pussy, my cock softens. Ultimately when the orgasm is shrieking in my anus and making my prostate convulse in agonizing bliss, my penis shrinks to infantile size. The deeper I get sucked into the greedy desire of orgasmic rapture the smaller my cock becomes and the less able my cock is to deliver an ejaculation; yet it is still incredibly sensitive. This was one of the memorable “learning milestones” that I came to that year. Since that 8 year milestone I have experienced several real really intensely powerful MMO’s; in these orgasms my penis disappears into my groin becoming a ” mangina”. More on that in a subsequent post.

So as I massaged the underside of my cock head, the response I got wasn’t erection and imminent ejaculation, instead it was a twitchy lurching of my softened penis and the triggering of anal canal wrenching – steamy orgasms deep in my anus. My prostate began to pump in hard rhythmic orgasmic spasms as my cowpers gland buzzed, causing a steady drool of precum and prostate fluid to drool onto my belly. The more I massaged the harder the orgasms were and more my love honey flowed. The volume of precum laced prostatic fluid that streamed from my cock slit almost scared me. The A less session caressed my balls and perineum causing them to lurch in anguished ecstasy; the orgasm extended another full hour. I remember this vividly because when it was over it was 5 AM and I came down to my office to write a detailed blog entry of the experience. I just reread that entry.

The other milestone that eighth year had to do with Aneros and what I called a trinity session.

This particular session was in a hotel room when I was traveling for work. It started with me sexting a guy friend for two hours. As I sat naked exchanging lurid fantasies, I was erect and dripping for two hours straight. Those fantasies and descriptions of lewd – forbidden acts we would do to each other swelled my prostate and filled it with the steaming heat of sexual need. My erection ached with arousal. The towel I sat on in the desk chair was soaked by my precum, as were my balls. At the end of the session I was aroused beyond comprehension. With an erection that was stone hard and dripping I filled the Jacuzzi tub in my suite with steamy hot water. Laying in the tub with the jets gently teasing my aroused cock and balls and primed my already aroused prostate for orgasm as I replayed the shared homoerotic fantasies in my mind..

Getting out of the tub, I dried off and laid the extra sheet that I carry with me for orgasmic play in hotel beds on top of the hotel sheet. I made this a practice to avoid leaving lube, semen, or any orgasmic bodily aftermath behind for room service. Looking at my extended prong in the mirror I posed and took nude pictures of myself in the zenith of my arousal with my erection arched in a rigid cantilever from my groin. Laying on my sheet I took three things from my traveling sex toy bag: my eupho, a modest sized penis plug, and a powerful nipple suction cup. Laying on my side I slid the eupho into my anus. As it slid in I sighed as the familiarly pleasant anal gag reflex in my anus put me on notice that my prostate was ready for pleasure. I then squeezed the suction cup, and licked the suction part with ample saliva and applied it to my shaved nipple. It sucked onto my areola, drawing my teat into it like a baby nursing a tit. My highly responsive nipple immediately sent a pleasure signal to my already twitchy prostate. My prostate was swollen with pre orgasmic tension and filled with the hot sap of my orgasm.

The “coup de grace” occurred when I lubed the penis plug and pinched my cock head to open my cock slit, preparing it to be fucked. Teasing my opening with the ice cold tip of the penis plug I slowly inserted it. The icy cold sensation of my own cock slit being fucked by this miniature steel penis set off the chain reaction in my brain. Like a turbo fired engine pushing all cylinders to fire in explosive sequence, my brain forced my cock root to convulse. My spasming penile bulb in turn made my prostate, cock root, cock head, cockslit, nipples and perineum line upo in sequence and fire in cadence in a choreographed dance of white hot pulsing pleasure. The power of the orgasm ravaged my pelvis, groin, cock and anal canal. All the ecstasy in the imagined world in my brain, seemed to be flowing into my anus in a torrent. My body was being filled with molten lava of excruciating ecstasy.
Chimes rang in my ears, my brain was cleared of all thought as the merciless hands of sexy lady rapture held me still to force unbearable pleasure into me. Sweat poured from my forehead as my prostate pumped hard disgorging its contents onto my belly. My happless softened penis flopped and lurched as it did the bidding of the MMO. As I sank into the blue euphoria deep in my own brain, suddenly I saw images of me having sex with men, women, super human beings and unearthly spirits. Orgasm took physical shape and wrapped around me as it filled me.. It was the most profound orgasm I had experienced to that date.

My eighth year started on some memorable milestones. I remember them vividly.