“All-Aboard The SR Express!”

Ultimately, the choice whether or not to remain in chastity remains with me. Yesterday, in Day 8 of semen retention, I thought it would be “fitting” to end this current SR “run” on Valentine’s Day. I even “nudged” my wife to help finish-me-off. But apparently, she had another idea. She started out caressing my enlarged package and I thought I would finally reach my goal. But she had another plan and so, after about 10 minutes, I was left still in chastity and possibly with a case of the blue-balls pending. How frustrating but yet arousing at the same time!

I decided to sleep in my XO ProCup overnight to avoid any temptation; I was still feeling like I needed to ejaculate and so I could not tempt an unintentional release.

Later-on in the evening, I was awakened by a rather arousing erection within the cup and I felt kind of close to the PONR. I went to the bathroom and then decided to switch gears—I put-on my Duke swimmer’s jockstrap and a pair of my Perry Ellis silky briefs—a nice combination! I went to lie-down on my comfortable sofa, but without music this time around.


Fantasy or Reality?
I began to relax and possibly wait for another erection. But then, something quite unexpected happened. I began to dwell on a “fantasy” with imagery so real that perhaps the line between reality and fantasy was blurred for a while. Here is what developed…..


All of us (Aneros) guys who are practicing semen retention (SR) in one way or another are actually on the same “train”, let’s call it the SR Express! For some guys, this is a short trip—they are only on-board for a stop or two (a day or two of SR). When their station is announced, they get-off (for want of a better word, they ejaculate). You get the idea. “Next stop, Station 3″. “Station 6 coming up” and so on. Are you on-board? What is your stop?

Some of us are on-board for a longer trip. Some of us are going “criss-cross-country”. (Perhaps Station 10 or 20 or 30 or even longer is your stop). So where am I in this particular trip? I will be near and perhaps passing Station 9 today. (BTW, the stations are exactly one travel-day apart from one another).

Now here is the interesting part. I alone can choose to remain on-board the train with my friends or get-off. That choice is entirely mine to make. Yes, it takes willpower to remain on-board. But I can choose to stay on if I want to. It is my choice.


Self-imposed chastity is like semen retention—it is entirely up to us when we want to “disembark” (ejaculate). But keep in mind that the longer we are aboard the train, the better the trip can become for us. Think of the great feelings passing-through Station 7 for example (a sudden boost in T-level and the resulting horniness). I will soon be passing through Station 9 and I can feel my prostate starting to pulse and ache. It is longing to get-off. Will I listen? Or will I stay on-board?

When will I arrive at my stop? Station 10? Station 12? When?



Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/all-aboard-the-sr-express/