Trident surprise

Had a little time to ride this morning so decided to give Eupho Trident a go. Had not experienced any real success with it so far. After doing a brief cleanse with my enema bulb, placed a pillow under my back and relaxed. Lubed with some water soluble gel and inserted the Eupho. After doing a few Kegels and deep breathes, Eupho was sucked in deep and a few involuntaries made their presence know along with a few waves of pleasure. These continued for a bit as I did a few contractions. Then without warning, the Eupho took control and started a dance I hadn’t experienced before! It felt like it was moving back and forth, side to side and building immense waves of pleasure which got stronger and stronger followed by dry Os over and over! Had to terminate the session but am still feeling the aftershocks! Will have to revisit this one again!