“Cup or No Cup? It’s Your Choice!”

Slept in my PJs overnight without a cup. Yes, only in Day 3 now of SR. Several times, I was awakened following an NPT. Towards morning, however, I developed a very strong, no-turning-back urge to start ‘petting’ my scrotum and cock. Using my fingernails, I lightly and gently started stroking the soft, semi-crinkly skin on my scrotum, sometimes reaching under towards my perineum and sometimes reaching up towards the underside of my cock. And know what? I couldn’t stop! The feeling was sublime and although I didn’t want to ‘edge’ myself to an ejaculation, I somehow felt that if I continued doing this, I would. So what to do?

The Solution
I had to make a choice. Either continue with the scrotal stim and get close to the PONR and ejaculate, or stop. What did I do? I stopped! Knowing that the solution was at-hand, I reached for my Mueller ‘chastity cup’ and put-it-on. And immediately, I began stroking the curvy, sexy cup of plastic! I could not feel any of the previous sensations, but that didn’t mean that I didn’t feel anything. Let me explain….

The Trade-Off
Wearing a cup, then, obviously takes-away the temptation to masturbate completely. But in the process, it introduces a new sensation: stimulation from the cup. Since the cup provides some pressure all-around the groin and the male package, it has a unique, sexy feeling. And because the cup wraps-under the perineum, some pressure is put on that part of the male anatomy as well (including the prostate). This combination is (for guys that have never tried it) uniquely and specifically male-enhanced. It is somewhat strange and ironic that the absence of stimulation (from masturbation) can cause stimulation (from the cup). But not enough to elicit an ejaculation. That is the advantage (IMO) of wearing a cup! Touche’.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/cup-or-no-cup-its-your-choice/