“The Bigger Picture”

{Note: Adult sexual content expressed in this blog. Readers be advised.}

Lying in bed early this morning. I had slept part of the night in my Mueller cup; it was sooooo relaxing I hardly felt that I had it on! At one point, I decided to take it off and just sleep in my PJs. I had some vivid (non-sexual) dreams which I remember. During the night, I began to dwell on this concept and will relate it as I remember. (PS I am currently in Day 7 of SR; I have not had an Aneros session in a few days).

I began to think not about the obvious differences between us males and females, but rather our respective sexual functions . And the distinction was rather clear in my mind. We males are the “actors” (the aggressors, the dominant ones) in sex. It is up to us to deposit our sperm into the female. The females do not have this function, other than to regulate their “fertile” days if they want to conceive. It is entirely up to us to accomplish our “mission”.

Then, as I dwelt on this some more, it became clear that us males need to “ensure” that we are “ready and able” to deposit our semen (that is, to ejaculate) at any time. Further, it became clear that anything we can do to “stimulate” our functioning sexual apparatus is beneficial. That would include massaging our prostates (through Aneros), edging, and even masturbation. Watching porn would certainly not be out of the question. This is especially true for guys that don’t have sex or have it very infrequently (such as myself).

We as males need to ensure that our sexual apparatus is in good working order. Of course, our nocturnal erections (NPTs) help us in this regard, but there is no shame nor guilt n exercising and “augmenting” our sexual “fitness” in any way that we can. Touche’.

PS I am not including artificial insemination of females in this discussion, only “natural male” impregnation.


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