“Sleeping Without Chastity Isn’t Working!”

I am trying to sleep without a “chastity cup” most nights now. For the most part, I am getting a good night’s sleep. However, there is a problem. Let me explain…..

Nightly NPTs
I am sometimes awakened following a vivid dream sequence and discover that I awaken with a hard erection. I find it extremely difficult to keep my hands to myself. In fact, a couple of nights ago, I was only in Day 3 of SR but I “blew” it——I fell into a so-real fantasy (not wearing a cup) where I was back in my urologist’s office and this time one of his “aids” was performing a routine “ejaculation response test” on me to determine whether I had PE, DE or “normal” EJ response. The penile and scrotal stim felt entirely out of “my” control and although it was extremely arousing and pleasurable, I could not stop the ejaculation nor remain in chastity. I am now, sadly, back at Day 2.

This morning, I started to fall-into the same trap. But I decided to put-on my Mueller Flex Shield cup. And as soon as I did, I felt much better: I was unable to touch-and-feel my erection and so I was able to stay on my current ‘run’ of SR. What a relief!

Lesson Learned
The desire to remain in chastity always gets tested every night. If I want to remain on-track with chastity, I need to ‘protect’ my package from my mischievous, probing hands! If I were younger and desiring to start a family, however, these erections (and ejaculations) would be most welcome!


PS The ‘ejaculation response test’ fantasy was quite different—yes, it was an ‘edging’ session but since I felt not-in-control, I didn’t know what I would be feeling next or when I would ejaculate. This feeling was incredibly arousing and, frankly, after a certain point, I could not stop the resulting ejaculation. After all, that ejaculation had to happen at some point during the ‘test’. What does my urologist next have in-store for me?


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/sleeping-without-chastity-isnt-working/