“Further Reflections On NoFap”

[Note: NoFap is a registered trademark owned by Alexander Rhodes and NoFap LLC]

I thought it would be beneficial if I put-down some additional thoughts on my NoFap experience thus far. First off, NoFap seems to be a lot more difficult than SR. With SR, there was always the probability of an ejaculation at some point down-the-road. But not with Hard Mode NoFap like I am doing now. I have made it to Day 12 of SR (and NoFap) with only a hint of blue-balls. I fully expect a wet dream any night now and that should help. I think I can achieve it. This morning, I was awakened by a raging, throbbing erection and needed to reach for and put-on my XO cup to minimize the temptation; it worked!

It is interesting how many “little” things creep into the brain while on NoFap. With the start of baseball season here, I would like to look at some images of the players (either on the field on in pictures) with their prominent cup “bulges”. But it dawned on me that those images, arousing as they are, would be sexually stimulating me and so I must not view them! Bummer!

I swim a lot in the morning and invariably see naked men and their packages in the locker room. This will be another temptation that I must not dwell on. But I can’t stop swimming. So I guess I just keep my towel on and look away! And so on……

On the other hand, looking at pretty women in my daily travels would seem to be okay, as long as I don’t get too carried-away with a sexual fantasy.

Keeping Busy
I find that it is very important to keep busy throughout the day, either with hobbies, work or anything that takes up my time. Boredom seems to be a key “trigger” for “resetting” the NoFap day counter through an inadvertent masturbation or other arousing event. By staying busy and keeping the mind focused on other tasks, that temptation to MB can be thwarted. It certainly isn’t easy, though.

Blue Balls
For me, this was always a “stopper”. I would reach a point in my SR run and when I started to develop the blue-balls (usually at Day 8 or 9), I would always MB to relieve the discomfort. Apparently, this is very common for guys doing NoFap and while practicing NoFap it is normal to experience the BB discomfort at some point. Am I able to endure these feelings and remain on my NoFap path? Again, it is a mental thing. And as discomforting as they may be, the blue-balls feeling will eventually subside.

Internet, Movies, TV and Social Media
I don’t watch a lot of things on TV that would be sexually suggestive; mostly news and family-rated movies now. But when it comes to social media, I have to be careful. Some posters do include material that should be labelled “NSFW” but aren’t. I am going to have to be diligent not to partake in too many things that can stimulate me.

The pathway of NoFap is not one that is straight-and-narrow. I believe that all guys on this NoFap “journey” will have their share of Resets and even Relapses, even me. Just like the “21-Day No Ejaculation Challenge” (which I accomplished), this journey is not easy. The suggested “starting point” for NoFap is 90 days. But it is very rewarding when you consider the ultimate goal—-to be free of the negative effects of porn, masturbation and orgasm on the sex life of the average male. It is an addiction which most of us guys have but it can be broken! Touche’.


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