Super O ✅

Holy shit.. I just had a 3 hour long roller coaster of pleasure that I think consisted of 3 SUPER LONG ORGASMS and 2 Super orgasms… I just got my hands on some really sticky good ganja so I give credit to that aswell. But oh man… It just didnt stop.. Cumed 3 times and was leaking like crazy…. I cbf explaing the whole experience, but I might later on idk.. It was so overwhelming, i was watching porn too and just got sucked in and I was in a different world.. I think i need a week long rest from cumming after that i think oh my god….



  1. wow man… that’s amazing! I can only do one and I am finished. my max time is usually about an hour. I get a few mini’s and what I call rolling o’s. I have had a few supers. they are just unexplainable. I am so weak after, just drained, just want to sleep.
    but for you. 3? cool!!!!!!! happy for you!

  2. Damn you’re lucky. I’ve experienced so many mini O’s and even many very intense PO’s but have yet to experience that super O. I’ve come so far and it always feels so amazing so no reason to quit now

  3. FWIW, if weed really worked, would not one be able to smoke and have A-less (no toy, dildo, etc being used)?

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