“NoFap By The Numbers”

[Note: NoFap is a registered trademark owned by Alexander Rhodes and NoFap LLC]

I am progressing with NoFap. It isn’t easy but it does seem to be working. Although I had to “Reset” once so far in Day 12, I have progressed in other areas. Here is my current NoFap “scorecard”:

No P – 20 Days!
No MO – 12 Days, Reset (control blue-balls), 8 Days; Total of 20 days!
No PM (prostate massage) – 8 Days!

Here are other areas within NoFap and my current experiences:

Technically, I masturbate now ONLY to control my blue-balls. In my mind, this is different than just rubbing-one-out just to experience the pleasure of an ejaculation. If I were able, I would continue my NoFap streak much longer. probably for 90 days. But an occasional MB (or handjob) will keep my blue-balls under control and allow me to progress much further in NoFap.

Random Erections
I am developing some random erections throughout the day now; I understand that this is considered a “normal” occurrence while practicing NoFap. One especially strong one occurred yesterday while in the shower! It takes a lot of diligence not to act-out upon these erections!

I don’t believe I have yet encountered the so-called “flatline” while in NoFap. I think it is too early to see any effects in this area. But I will be prepared if/when it happens. I have to be careful, however, not to “test” to see if my “ejaculation apparatus” is still working! My understanding is that quite a few NoFap guys relapse during this phase.

I will be able to increase my MO “number” by asking my wife to give me a HJ; that will certainly help me when I next experience blue-balls and will also increase my MO streak. It is also perfectly “legal” while practicing NoFap. I have to decide whether or not to explain to her the NoFap concept. What to do?

Prostate Massage
As far as prostate massage goes, I certainly miss my Aneros sessions. But I am performing an “experiment” now—I want to see if abstaining from prostate massage will help to keep my blue-balls under control and thus increase my NoFap PMO streak. It may help; time will tell…..

“Edging” or “surfing” of any kind is prohibited while practicing NoFap. I have found in the past (prior to NoFap) that I can bring-on the blue-balls quicker if I edge.

The “NoFap Cup”
My “chastity cups” have become “NoFap cups”. I need to wear one in the early morning hours while in bed with a raging erection; wearing one definitely helps me to control the urge to MO.

I am discovering that NoFap is indeed a “process”. It is not “once-and-done”. By continuing to practice no P (porn) while only occasionally relieving my blue-balls with only the minimal amount of M followed by a TO, I am able to maintain my NoFap “posture” and “rebooting” without a major relapse! Touche’.


PS There is a “gray area” within no porn (P). Aside from obvious porn online, there are other areas which are mildly pornographic in nature (“softcore-porn”). For me, that would include exploring such things as jockstraps, hard cups and male bulges. Even reading and writing within the Aneros website could fall into this category as well. Technically, while in NoFap Hard Mode, I should refrain from these activities. It isn’t easy, though!


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