“All-Around Abstinence”

[Note: NoFap is a registered trademark owned by Alexander Rhodes and NoFap LLC]

Technically, I have been practicing NoFap for about 30 days now. To be more accurate, I have abstained from watching porn (and not listening to binaural beats) for 30 days. I have had only a couple of ejaculations during that time, mostly to control my blue-balls. My last ejaculation was initiated by my wife, so I am able to continue the PMO NoFap journey.

At the same time, I have greatly scaled-back my Aneros sessions. I had one a few days ago (one in about 2 weeks). I selected the Helix-Trident and although it was a relatively short session (about 20 minutes), it certainly packed-a-punch! The H-T had me moaning almost right from the start! There is no doubt in my mind that my prostate “remembers” all the nuances that an Aneros prostate massager can yield. No doubt about it!

Nights Are Better
One thing that I am noticing about NoFap is the presence of more spontaneous erections, and quite stimulating ones at night in bed. Of course, the NPTs must continue as they always do. But a few that have woken me up seem to take me very close to the edge of a wet dream. I could probably initiate an ejaculation through some body twists and thrusts into the bed. But instead, I usually intercept the PONR arousal in time by putting on one of my ‘chastity cups’: these always help to quell the erection, at least temporarily, and allow me to get some more sleep.

Daytime Erections
I have experienced some of these erections during the day, usually accompanied by an erotic thought or two, or through browsing some suggestive material online (even reading some Aneros posts). Technically, this would not even be allowed in a full-up “Hard-Mode” NoFap commitment, but even in this short time that I have been practicing NoFap (about 30 days), I can sense that there is definitely something going on in my ‘ejaculation reflex’ and for the positive! The true test is when I am in bed with my wife and I develop a strong erection that (due to the potential for blue-balls) needs an ejaculation initiated by my wife. Thus, I remain in NoFap and continue the count….. {My last ejaculation from a HJ by my wife came so easily that I know the NoFap PMO ‘routine’ is working!}

What Next?
Honestly, I find it hard to imagine that things could get any better. I keep reading about the so-called “flatline” that ‘Fapstronauts’ experience. Will I be included? Not sure, but if that is a phase that I must progress through, then bring-it-on! Touche’.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/all-around-abstinence/