“What’s In My PMO Kit?”

I seem to have settled-in to a nice, relaxing sexual routine. This routine does not include any Porn, Masturbation or self-pleasured Orgasm. It can occasionally include an ejaculation to relieve my blue-balls. I now regularly practice semen retention (SR) and usually go about 10 days in-between ejaculations.

I experience some night-time erections (NPTs) now quite regularly. One this morning was quite strong (about 35-40 minutes) and when it ended, I put-on my Mueller cup because it just feels good. Also, while wearing it, I am prevented from masturbation and that is a key component of no PMO. So, that leads me back to my blog title: What’s In My PMO Kit? I ask this not necessarily as a list of kit contents, but rather as a guideline, a credo if-you-will about the current path on which I find myself.

Kit Contents
Of course, my PMO kit would not be complete without some basics: a cup jockstrap or two, a box of tissues for cleaning-up an eventual wet dream and a prostate massager & lube for an occasional session. My sessions now are rather sparse (possibly one every 2 weeks or more frequently if I feel the need. Anything else in the kit? No, that seems about it!

Current Path
My current path does NOT include any porn, fantasies (except those embedded in dreams) or binaural beat audio files. I am subject to more spontaneous erections, both during the day and at night. Usually, inadvertently reading or thinking about some sexually suggestive things can initiate one. Looking at a curvy, sexy female can do it too. I suppose this is a good thing; It is what is desired in any normal sexual relationship. It should leave any hint of ED in the dust! I experienced a good HJ last week and I was able to ejaculate to control my blue-balls quite easily!

My current path is normal and natural for a soon-to-be 68 year old male. I am experiencing more “leakage” lately. Perhaps this is a result of the NPTs I am interacting with in bed. It can also be a result of the spontaneous erections as well. Sometimes, those erections come at an inappropriate time. But a guy, young or old, knows how to deal with them.

My path is clear, male, direct and sexual. And isn’t that the way nature intended it to be? Touche’.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/whats-in-my-pmo-kit/