“Pre-Lubing Is The Key!”

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Had a great session with HelixTrident very early this morning. One thing I am doing differently these days (last 3 sessions) is to pre-lube. What a difference it makes! Not only eases insertion, but allows the Aneros to ‘move’ effortlessly with just moderate anal/pc contractions. I found that the easiest, most hygienic way is to use a latex exam glove, then apply a generous amount of lube (in my case, Slippery Stuff Gel) on the index finger, and pretend I am getting a DRE from my urologist! That deep insertion not only feels good but allows even the inner sphincter to get slick. And that allows the Aneros (which is also lubed) a most facile entry!

Can’t Say Enough About ‘Chastity Cups’
I was wearing my Mueller cup for this morning’s session and the reason I usually select this model is due to the placement of the leg straps which are quite far-apart. They do not interfere with either the P- or K-tabs of the HelixTrident (or other models). It does not allow me to contact my cock during sessions and I can lie on my side or on my stomach and not have any interference.

Refractory Period After Sessions
I have noticed, especially today, that I experience a ‘refractory period’ following an Aneros session where I cannot experience an erection for a period of time, usually between 1 and 2 hours. So this morning, after my session and while still wearing a cup, I went to lie-down on my sofa and listen to some soothing, erotic chillout tracks. And sometime during the listening session, I awoke and began to experience the unmistakable ‘throbbing’ action of my stiffening cock. Oh it felt wonderful to get my libido back!

The refractory period is very similar to the NoFap ‘flatline’ except that it is usually shorter.

Last But Not Least….Semen Retention!
I am currently in Day 8 of SR and do not yet feel the need to ejaculate. By now, I must be beyond my max-T boost so my libido is running in high-gear! The combination of SR and NoFap makes for a potent pairing! I am currently in Day 62 of NoFap PMO and the ‘usual’ length discussed for ‘re-booting’ is at least 90 days. So I have about another month to go! Will it get easier or harder as I proceed? Can’t say at this point, but I suspect there will be other ‘surprises’ in store for me! Touche’.


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