“I’ve Been Cupped! — A Primer”

While reading some recent posts in the Forum, there appears to be some lingering questions about the use of athletic ‘cups’ as they enhance our Aneros sessions. Having experienced this topic and written about it in somewhat great detail (along with @BigGlansDC), I felt it may be the time now for a refresher. Here goes…

Semen Retention, Chastity and Cups
I began my SR quest with the use of chastity cages. My best-fitting cage was the CB-6000S which I wore on and off for about 8 months. I didn’t wear it 24/7 but usually for 10-16 hours a day. It got me in the habit of delaying my ejaculations while at the same time, stimulated me so that my Aneros sessions became better.

At some point, I ‘discovered’ athletic groin cups—-or ‘chastity cups’ as I now call them. I had not used them in school for sports (like baseball) and so I relied on regular athletic supporters—–jockstraps—-when I needed support and protection. The first time I bought a ‘cup’ and tried it on, I could not believe the feeling! Now I must admit that I probably have had a jockstrap fetish most of my life. The jockstrap was worn to enhance my masturbation practice and I used it regularly.

So when, years later I discovered the cups, my collection quickly grew; I now have five in my collection, from Shock Doctor, Bike, XO Athletic, Mueller Sports Medicine and Safe-T-Gard. Why so many? Well, it is because each one, besides the obvious protection it offers, has a unique ‘signature’ which can only be discovered after wearing it. In my case, each cup feels different, not only by its design but also in the design and fit of the athletic supporter (jockstrap) it is made for. Here are my impressions of each one:
Shock Doctor – I have the Ultra Pro Carbon Cup. Shock doctor cups are designed to be flexible; they will easily bend. But by design, that bending is only one-way. Try to bend it through a groin hit and it will not move. This is the closest-fitting cup in my opinion and it absolutely protects the male package under all circumstances.

Bike – These cups are preferred by @BigGlansDC. I find that this traditional style cup generally fits tighter around the package due to the design of the jockstrap pouch. It doesn’t allow anything to move. I will wear it if I feel I need extreme protection. Sometimes I will wear it while doing outdoor yard work.

XO Athletic – This cup is purported to be ‘The most comfortable cup you can buy’ and I would agree. The “Smart-Fit” supporter has a wide waistband and the cup is a traditional banana shape. It doesn’t fit too snug around the package but it is very comfortable.

Mueller Sports Medicine – I like this one especially for Aneros sessions due to the design of the jockstrap. The leg straps are farther apart than all others making it an ideal choice for a prostate massage session. I find that the fit is ‘just-right’ — not too tight nor too loose.

Safe-T-Gard – This is a smaller cup but it still protects well. One thing about this cup is that it generally cannot accommodate an erect cock, but in that case, the ‘excess’ cock extends beyond the top edge of the cup and it is not uncomfortable at all. Just a different feeling.
Cups and Sessions
I have said before that I invariably almost always wear a cup when I have an Aneros session. But why is that? There are a couple of reasons.

First, since prostate massage is not about penis pleasure, by wearing a cup there is 100% emphasis on the prostate. If an erection happens during the session, so what? The erect penis is contained within the cup and is inaccessible for additional pleasure. Besides, it is virtually impossible to ejaculate while wearing a cup. During a session, it doesn’t matter which way I am lying in bed, the cup will not feel uncomfortable or be in the way.

The second reason why a cup is worn during sessions is that by the design of the cup, the bottom edge of the cup wraps under the perineum and depending on the jockstrap worn, can apply sufficient pressure there to augment and accentuate the prostate massage. As I have said before, the Mueller leg straps do not interfere with either the P-tabs or the K-tabs on the massagers. Only by wearing a cup during a session can the real pleasure be experienced (IMO).

I have read some complaints about cups not accommodating erections, particularly with larger cocks. All I can say is to try an extra-large cup; it may offer just the amount of room desired. Sometimes, just a little bit of interference from the cup on an erect cock can give an extra element of pleasure—not enough (IMO) to stimulate an ejaculation but a close-to PONR feeling!

Cups and Masturbation Control
Cups do not have to be worn only during Aneros sessions. I find them to be useful anytime I want to control my urge to masturbate. While either in Semen Retention (SR) or NoFap ® PMO, if I have an extreme urge to masturbate, I can ‘put-out-the-fire’ by putting-on a cup! This can be done even at night when the NPTs (Nocturnal Penile Tumescence) erections occur. I find that by putting on a cup, my urge to masturbate not only is reduced but it is eliminated! The cup completely eliminates my hands touching my cock, my balls or my perineum. Yes, it can be extremely frustrating at times but that level of control is most welcome! Note that this level of control cannot be obtained by wearing a regular jockstrap. I have found numerous times that invariably I will begin to masturbate my cock under the soft pouch and before long, my SR or NoFap ® run will be over!

Cup Recommendation
I would highly recommend the Mueller jockstrap and cup for use during Aneros sessions. Of course, any jockstrap with a cup pouch can be utilized with any cup. It may take some experimentation to discover the ‘right’ combination and/or fit for an individual. But the rewards (IMHO) are quite worth the effort! Good luck to you!

PS A special shout-out to @BigGlansDC who has been an inspiration to me along my Aneros journey!


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