“No Aneros? … No Problem!”

Yes, I’m referring to Aless. That concept whereby a guy gets all the pleasure of a prostate massage, but without the massager! How is this possible? Let me explain…..

There is really not much to learn here. All that is required (IMO) is a willingness to activate and stimulate the prostate by some simple anal/PC contractions (also known as kegels). It takes just a little bit of practice but once learned, the technique is almost automatic. The intervals of those contractions can be far apart or closely spaced. The idea here is to begin to feel it just a little in the prostate. The rest will be accomplished by your body’s own response. The important thing (I find) is not to stop too quickly! When I start to feel that unmistakable “flutter down-under” I know I am on the right path!

Since I wear ‘chastity cups’ regularly, I find that while wearing one is the perfect opportunity to practice my kegels. Especially while sitting down at a computer, It doesn’t take any preparation and I can start and stop at any time.

One thing that can be a little problematic is when I start to do some contractions in a public place. I have to be careful that I don’t get my prostate stimulated too much. Otherwise, I may react with a slight moan due to a euphoric, orgasmic feeling! But usually, I have enough self-control to the point that only I know what is going-on down there!

I find that the Aless technique really does work! Of course, things won’t happen in a minute or two. Just like with Aneros sessions which for me last at least 20 or 25 minutes, it is important to dedicate ample time for the Aless pleasures and not to give-up too quickly! Touche’.


PS In no way am I suggesting to discard all the Aneros toys and just rely on Aless. The ‘regular’ sessions (with a massager) have their place too! These Aless techniques (IMO) help us to keep us focused and slowly build our arousal quotient.

PS I find lately that usually when I start to feel the prostate’s response, my inclination is to stop the Aless. This is usually a mistake! If the time is available and I am in a quiet, private place, then there is no reason not to continue the ‘session’. At that point, I may want to change-up the kegel frequency or pattern and see what develops.

PS Can the Do-Nothing Technique Work with Aless? By all means! It takes a little bit of concentration (IMHO) but if the focus is right, that feeling can continue to be magnified to the point where the kegels seem to follow automatically (just like in a “regular” Aneros session)! Try it!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/no-aneros-no-problem/