“Who Are We? Just Play The Game!”

[This blog was inspired by an Aneros member]

While listening to some erotic chillout this morning, I began to dwell on this topic. And the more I thought about it, it made perfect sense to me. So I’d like to share it…..

We as men share a unique role in this world. We are the sex who (for lack of better words) penetrates, thrusts and ejaculates. It really it that simple! But along the way, we have developed many other ways, other ‘tools’ if you will, to cultivate and ‘grow’ our manhood, our ‘maleness’, our sexuality. Among these are ways well-known to Aneros members such as myself. I am referring to the practices of semen retention (SR), NoFap ® and Aneros prostate massage. Of course, there are others and one which I endorse and promote is the use of ‘chastity cups’.

Now what do all of these have in common? It really is quite simple, IMO. All of these activities are designed to enhance our sexual pleasure, not only for ourselves but in the general scheme of things, our male ‘vision’ of the world. (Our female counterparts share their own ‘vision’ that is (thank goodness!) completely different from our own). Together, we can make a new world (literally).

How To Play The Game
As I continued to meditate, it became clear to me that all of these sexual activities are entirely and always under our direct control. Here are some examples….

Semen Retention
I can choose to masturbate every day if I choose. Or I can practice what is known as ‘semen retention’ where I purposely limit my ejaculations. Why do I do this? There is a certain build-up of testosterone that reaches a peak at about Day 7 and at least for me, I can feel it. I like the feeling and so I continue the practice. I’ll continue to play the SR game.

NoFap ® PMO
I have recently ‘discovered’ this technique and it is working for me. I don’t have to do it but find a lot of benefits to it. Basically, I deny myself access to porn (P) and with it, any direct stimulation that can result in masturbation (M) and ejaculation (orgasm) (O). I am now exceeding 80 days porn-free. There are bodily changes (re-wiring) that seem to occur such as the classical ‘flatline’ which I am experiencing now. But the net effect is good. I seem to be more in touch with my sexual feelings and my view of sex is more ‘normal’. I have a better relationship with people (males and females) and especially my wife. I know my real place in the world. I’ll keep on playing the NoFap (R) game.

I can choose to have an Aneros session or not. That choice is entirely mine to make. Why do I do sessions? I don’t have to massage my prostate at all. I can just masturbate and ejaculate and exercise my prostate that way. But for those of us who experience the sheer (yet mysterious) pleasures of a prostate massage, that pleasure just can’t be put into words, right? It has to be experienced first-hand. How do you tell another guy what he will feel if he embarks on an Aneros journey? Yes, he can read all the posts, all the blogs, but until he experiences it firsthand, he will have no idea what we are talking about when we refer to a Super-O or even a P-wave. In the end, I’ll continue to play the Aneros game.

Male ‘Chastity Cups’
I (and other Aneros members) espouse the use of athletic groin cups to develop male sexual pleasure through the denial of masturbation and ejaculation. Wearing a cup for me is not mandatory, I can remove it at any time. But I choose to wear it. Why? There is just something that feels ‘right’ by denying myself the access to my package. Again, it is hard to put it into words, but once that feeling occurs, it becomes a part of me and how I interact with the world sexually. I like to play this Chastity game.

Other Worldly Pleasures and Games
I’m sure I have left-out many other things that we as males use to propel us forward in our sexual drives. I don’t need to elaborate them here. What turns you on? Well-endowed females? Good-looking, hunky guys? An arousing game of strip poker? New sexual intercourse positions? What other ‘games’ do you like to play? Just play-on! Touche’.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/who-are-we-just-play-the-game/