Advice on private shipping, through aneros themselves or someone else?

Im looking to buy another aneros toy, specifically the progasm. Im not sure if im ready for it or if it might be too large for me when I first get it, but I want to try it anyway (Any advice you can give about it is also appreciated). Obviously I have to get it shipped, and that gives a couple of problems to me, im currently living with my parents, and am wondering if there are any sort of alternatives to having them deliver it straight to my house.

I live in Canada, and am unsure what shippers different companies will use. I bought my first toy directly from aneros, and the shipping was kind of discreet, though a quick google search of what was on the package revealed exactly what was inside. Im not sure who can ship to PO boxes or not or if they can just ship it to the post office directly and I can then pick it up there instead of my mailbox. Any advice for this is recommended.