Buckwheat Aneros Journey First Attempt

Some history and context: I first heard about Aneros about a year ago. I was very intrigued but did not purchase a product at that time. About a week ago, I came across it again and decided to order the MGX Sun Trident. While I was waiting for my order to arrive I found the blog and wiki pages and spent a couple of hours every day reading and learning about the product. The volume of educational resources is very impressive. My product arrived a few days ago, but I waited until last night to try it out because I wanted to make sure I had the time and space I would need.

I started with a warm shower. Then lied down on a towel on my bed and inserted the Trident. Insertion was easy and not at all uncomfortable. It seemed to slide in place very easily. I was lying on my back with my knees bent. For the first 30 minutes I tried the “do nothing” method and just tried to breath deep and relax. Nothing happened. At that point I started contracting my sphincter as slowly as possible, then held, and released as long as possible. This action brought the device to life and I could feel it move inside me as well as change pressure outside my body. This action made me more erect and the feeling was very pleasurable. But did not lead to any type of orgasm. After a while I stopped doing this and went back to the do nothing method.

For the rest of my session, I went back and forth between lying still and relaxing and the slow contraction of my sphincter and kegel. I tried a couple of other positions, but found I was more comfortable on my back with my knees bent. After 2 hours I finally stopped and removed the device.

I have read that this can take time and patience. Like I said, there were times of pleasurable sensations, but I never came anywhere near an orgasm. Although I had hoped for more, I don’t feel discouraged and am looking forward to seeing what happens with my next session.

Source: https://www.aneros.com/buckwheat-aneros-journey-first-attempt/