Progasm Ice – Round Two

Session two with my shiny new Progasm Ice was a day after the first (see blog below).

I started off pretty much as I always do, douche, shower, software porn, relax on the bed in a warm room.
From the moment of insertion I could feel the pressure on my prostate, this got me thinking, what would happen if I started spinster and PC muscle contractions way sooner than I normally do? So thats what I did, ten to fifteen minuets after inserting the device to be precise.

To get to the stage of my muscles fluttering I have to hold both sets of muscles for a good thirty seconds to a minuet, then hold for as long as I can, that seems to be my trigger, I then concentrate on the slowest and most controlled relaxation of those muscles as I possibly can, that seems to do the trick and thats when fluttering sensations starts, I repeat this until my pelvis is buzzing and feels like its burning deep inside!

Fast forward 15-20 mins and I could feel the first P-waves start, so I continue with the contractions, about twenty minuets later I can feel my first Super-O developing, I now know how to ride that sensation and amplify it by applying just the right amount of pressure and control.
The first Super-O was delicious, the second was by far the best I’ve EVER had, it lasted for ages, I totally lost track of time, I seemed to be able to hold it and control it at will. I’ve subsequently noticed from information from my smart watch that during the Super-O my pulse rate went from 64 – 160 and back down again, that shows how intense it was.

I’m away on a work assignment very soon and will have the opportunity for some prolonged sessions, I will of course let you know how they go.