third session, beginnings of real feelings and excitement

So my wife so nicely edged me last night for about an hour, first with conscious stimulation for 10 minutes, letting me show her how to do it with my penis, testicles, nipples and all of that good stuff. Then she edged me for another 45 minutes more “casually”.

Then I went upstairs and inserted the toy, very easy and no muss or fuss.

This time I started to feel my prostate and had the beginnings of orgasmic sensation in nipples and prostate.

I was a little apprehensive as this is my third day in a row, but it seems fine and I am continuing to feel and experience more.

I have realized I can focus more easily on sensation to feel aroused, instead of fantasy. And fantasy can just be thinking of my wife edging me, or about her butt for instance, not about doing anything.

I did feel a bit of discomfort in my descending colon. Eventually I ended the session, feeling more aroused and horny, and I edge a bit more proficiently, stopping at the PONR just to have a ruined orgasm and ejaculate a fairly small amount to regain my erection quality. I remain today (next day) very much aroused all day so far, and feeling incredible, and my wife and I had a nice edging cuddly session today. This is fantasticQ