Ups and Downs

I’ve recently been away on assignment working up to 16 hours per day, feeling mentally and physically tired, even so I’ve still found time for a few sessions with my ever growing collection of Aneros’s.
Unsurprisingly most of the sessions were duds, not a lot to report, hardy even a p-wave. The combination of exhaustion, being in unfamiliar hotels and rushing totally and utterly killed any sensation, what this reiterated to me was the need for a quiet space, somewhere without disturbance, and with time to relax and enjoy the moment.

On returning home I set-to tidying up loose ends, to conclude the assignment, to clear my desk, physically and metaphorically. After doing this I browsed some porn and settled in for a session with the MGX Syn Trident, a douche, shower and total peace and solitude, no distractions whatsoever.

I lubed up my ass and smeared Vaseline on the MGX, inserted it and concentrated on my breathing, in through the mouth for seven seconds, hold for seven and slowly release the exhaled breath. in no time sensations started to build, a delicious dull ache in my groin, gentle shaking and quivering of my legs and a tightening of my abs. Occasionally a p-wave would send shivers from my head to my toes, I started contacting my pc muscles whilst simultaneously attempting to push out the Aneros with my rectal muscles, it didn’t take long for my muscles to fatigue and start to quiver, by now I could feel the gentle pressure applied by the massager on my prostate and it was was buzzing.

I happened to glance at my watch, I was now almost two hours in to the session, where the hell had that time gone?

As the session intensified and the sensations grew my body contacted with full-body spasms, waves of pleasure washed over me, my hips started to buck and my body thrashed around, then the vocalisation began, deep animalistic and primeval groans from deep within, noises I’ve never made in ‘normal life’, I was shouting the house down, its lucky I don’t live in an apartment or complex, I’m sure the neighbours would have called the police concerned I was being attacked!

Finally it all became too much and the session ended with a HFWO, what a home-cumming. (pun intended).

My next assignment isn’t until November so I’m back to having time on my hands, looking forward to many more future rides.

I’ll let I get on.