Levator Prostatae Muscle Contractions.

In my quest for a better way to strengthen my pelvic floor ie. kegel exercises, a few weeks ago, I stumbled across an article about the Levator Prostatae Muscle. In males it’s the most medial fibers of the levator ani (pubococcygeus) muscle. It extends from the pubis into the fascia of the prostate. Yes!

With a little practice and attention to the sensation, have learned how to isolate this muscle and contract it while relaxing all other muscles in my pelvic aria.

Levator Prostatae Muscle Contractions, LPMC as I’m calling it, is when this muscle is repetitively contracted or “pulled”, my pelvis rotates ever so slightly and I can feel my prostate being lifted just a bit. Along with proper breathing, the feeling I get is like a pair of small, silk gloved hands caressing the sides of my prostate. Oh, Yes! And with this imagery in mind, the white gloves, after a while, I “come” to an incredibly sweet and trembling orgasm. Possibly the best ever. And then comes the wave of dopamine that completely washes over my body. Oh, yees! And now I need a nap.

The beauty of this is that it’s hands free, no ejaculation, no clean up, no cover up and no refractory period. All the fun, no baggage. My only draw back, at this point, is like any other muscle, it gets exhausted after a while and I need a little rest. However, I’ve been able to orgasm seven times in a three day period, so…

This is incredibly enjoyable when my wife is shopping in Walmart while I’m “waiting” in the car. I’m getting better at this.

On our way home my wife tells me “You seem so mellow the last few days, must be that Ashwaganda you’ve been taking.” I just smile and say, “Must be… you may want to try some.”

Source: https://www.aneros.com/levator-prostatae-muscle-contractions/