3 days in I found a Wet-O-my-God

Last night I tried my Aneros for the third time (I’m new to Anal play). The first time after 2 hours and a lot of focus I had multiple dry O’s. This immediately redefined my understanding of Orgasm. And made me want multiples all the time.

I tried again night 2, butt nothing. (again, another 2 hours).

Day 3, I popped it in and sat there reading some erotica which was really getting me excited, afterward I tried to focus on the sensations and I could feel the beginnings of an O but then it would fade. While I had tried several positions lying down, I decided to try something else.

After quite a while I sat on the edge of my bed and started moving my hips in circles. This seemed to start getting things going pretty quickly. As the sensation built, I found myself grinding harder and faster, it was the longest build up to orgasm I ever had and sure enough exploded like a fountain without touching anything other than my hands-clenched bed sheets.

I’m looking forward to what I experience next, I just hope it stops taking 2 hours to get there, I don’t always have that much time.